Theories on the Swine Flu Origin

Theories on the swine flu origin have been flying around ever since thousands of people have been affected by the new strain of influenza that had pandemic potential. While pigs are officially blamed for this, it was confirmed that the new flu virus had genetic relatives had swine flu strains from Eurasia and North America. Furthermore, it was proved that the genetic material was derived from human, swine and avian sources but all the eight segments of genes came from pigs.

What has worried the World Health Organization and other Health Authorities all over the world is the fact that the new strain of influenza flu has genetic material that is different from the genetic material of known relative strains that are known. Therefore the bug that circulated and no doubt evolved in swine remained undetected till the first person was infected. Thus it proves that there were no early warning signs or systems.

What caused further concern is that officials in Canada confirmed that this new strain was transmitted to pigs from humans in Alberta. Pigs are natural vessels for mixing of flu strains from various species, so there is a fear that a more dangerous form of flu could emerge from the swine and be transmitted back into people.

The studies that have been conducted do not really prove why the virus has crossed over to people and why it is the young and healthy, which are harder hit! This works the opposite way for the seasonal flu that seems to kill old people every winter. The answer to this may be the fact that older people have been around longer to build immunity against the new strain of flu, whereas the younger people seem to have little or no immunity at all.

One of the ways to reduce the risk of infection is by keeping surfaces around you clean and free of viruses. This can be done by spraying the Smittstopp spray on all the surfaces. This spray works well on any surface material and sticks/bonds strongly to it. The spray dries quickly, leaving a layer of cationic polymer that is positively charged on the surface.

This layer attracts all microorganisms (viruses and bacteria) that are negatively charged (anionic) to it and when these get stuck to the surface, they destroy them instantaneously. This principle is called “electrostatic attraction” and it is extremely efficient in killing the viruses and keeping the surfaces free of all contamination.

The Smittstopp spray should be used on personal items like hand bags, purses, keys, mobile phones and other items that are constantly being touched or handled and which can easily get infected. The Smittstopp spray should also be used by Government Authorities in all public places like toilets, government offices, terminals, shopping malls, restaurants and hotels, schools and colleges. Table tops, lift buttons, taps, door knobs, handles, railings etc are likely places to be contaminated and should be sprayed.

Common sprays should not be used on the sprayed surfaces because these are negatively charged and will neutralize the effect of the positively charged cationic polymer. The spray removes all grease, fats and dirt from the surface and acts like a disinfectant. This spray can also be used on clothes and the effect of the Smittstopp spray is still evident after 20 washes.

Despite the theories of the swine flu origin, one should realize the importance of following all precautionary measures to keep the infection at bay and to curb the swine flu outbreak. Wearing of facemasks and respirators and washing ones hands frequently will help.