The Texas Swine Flu threat.

The Texas swine flu threat caused Mexico to take drastic steps to suspend all public meetings, gatherings and activities and closed down all schools and educational institutions as a precautionary measure to curb the swine flu outbreak. Countries all over the world followed suit and suddenly the swine flu panic hit the masses all over, causing tension and fear. Global Health authorities warned all countries that the swine flu that was already affecting thousands and proved fatal to so many was threatening to become an epidemic or pandemic that would soon infect the world!

A tiny child who was a native of Mexico but had travelled to Texas was admitted in a hospital in Houston, Texas and later died of the swine flu. Soon after, this H1N1 flu virus began to spread to other countries and in the US, 11 states found out that there were more than 100 infected persons. Immediate precautions were taken by the Governments of many countries to close down schools, and in Texas alone more than 53,000 children were affected by this closure.

Because of the outbreak of the swine flu in Mexico, countries in Europe and other parts of the world started recommending the avoidance of visiting Mexico, though health authorities say that a ban such as things would actually have no effect on the stoppage of the swine flu virus. It is said that almost 2409 persons in Mexico were infected by the deadly virus and around 168 people died of it. Further, it was feared that thousands in Mexico complained of the influenza like symptoms in spite of the measures taken to curb the outbreak.

The Smittstopp spry that was introduced in Sweden is one of the most effective ways to destroy the viruses and bacteria that pollute the environment. This spray can be used on all surface materials and works very efficiently as a cleaner that removes all fats and grease, as well as a disinfectant, apart from killing all the microorganisms.

The Smittstopp spray works on the principle of Electrostatic attraction. Once the surface is sprayed with it, it leaves a thin coating of cationic (positively charged) polymer on the surface. This attracts the anionic microorganisms that are negatively charged. The instant these microorganisms (viruses and bacteria) get stuck to the Smittstopp sprayed surface, they are killed. Thus the environment stays safe and healthy.

It is important to note that no ordinary or common spray should be used on top of the Smittstopp spray as they are negatively charged and will automatically neutralize the effect of the positively charged Smittstopp spray.

Use this spray to cover all surfaces that one generally touches often, like switches, knobs, taps, buttons, railings, and personal items like keys, spectacles, cell phones, handbags etc to reduce the risk of infection. Use of the Smittstopp spray in public places like malls, public toilets, bus and train terminals, etc should be made mandatory. The Smittstopp spray can also be used on clothes and as tests have proved the effects last even after numerous washes.

A vigilant look out for the swine flu symptoms is a must. These symptoms include fever, persistent vomiting, fatigue, body ache, sore throat, acute breathing and respiratory disorders etc. Early detection of the swine flu and prompt medication will ensure a complete recovery.
The Texas Swine Flu threat can only be one if adequate measures are not taken as a whole and individually. It is the responsibility of each person to eat sensibly, and keep personal hygiene at a very high level.