The Swine Flu Ohio update

With the swine flu sweeping across the world, it was only a matter of time that the swine flu Ohio update confirmed that a nine year old boy was infected by the virus. On account of this, several investors worried that the fear of a global pandemic would harm the economy. The update also reported that the rate of suspected swine flu cases continued to grow alarmingly in different states of the US and abroad and over 100 swine flu related deaths were reported in Mexico.

The Department of Health in Ohio further confirmed that the boy had a mild case of swine flu and was at home recovering. Though other states like California, New York and Arizona had confirmed multiple cases of the flu, this case was Ohio’s first case. Health Authorities also urged the Ohioans to follow the medical advice and practical measures recommended to keep the infection at bay.

Some of the measures to be followed are washing hands and covering one’s mouth while coughing and sneezing, wearing face masks and respirators, avoiding public crowded spaces, etc. The symptoms to be on the lookout for are persistent fever, cough, body ache and headache, lack of energy and fatigue, lack of appetite, breathing disorders, diarrhea, etc.

Needless to say, it is the responsibility of each person to make sure that personal hygiene and sanitization of the surrounding environment is at the highest level. The Smittstopp spray is one such anti viral spray that helps to destroy all microorganisms in the air and on surfaces.

Contaminated surfaces are rid of all viruses and bacteria when this spray is used. Once the spray dries quickly, it leaves a thin coating of cationic polymer behind on the surface. This layer is positively charged and attracts the negatively charged anionic viruses and bacteria (microorganisms) to it, and then destroys them in a second. The principle on which the spray works is “electrostatic attraction”.

The Smittstopp spray is also a cleaner that rids the surface of all dirt, grease, oils and fats. Common sprays that are usually negatively charged should not be used over the Smittstopp spray because this will neutralize the effect. The viruses do not get a chance to breed and spread, thus keeping the environment safe.

Use of the Smittstopp spray in public places like hotels, motels, pubs, diners and restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals and clinics, libraries, amusement parks etc is necessary. Schools and other educational institutions should spray all taps, switches, buttons and knobs, door handles, banister railings, table tops etc with the Smittstopp spray to protect the students and staff from infection. Apart from this, personal items like keys, spectacles, purses and bags, cell phones etc should also be sprayed to reduce the risk of infection.

The Swine flu Ohio update also confirms that The World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are very concerned about the rapid spread of the swine flu that may bring about a pandemic, and the fact that there could be very little or no immunity at all against this new strain of the Influenza A H1N1 virus considering the spread and death toll in Mexico. Numerous countries all over the world have stepped up preparations against the global pandemic.