The swine flu in Texas.

The swine flu in Texas caused Mexico to take a drastic step to suspend temporarily all public nonessential activities. Global authorities warned countries that the swine flu threatened to become a pandemic that would spread around the world. A small child died of swine flu in Texas, on the border of Mexico. This toddler who hailed from Mexico City had traveled to Texas and succumbed in a Hospital in Houston. The virus to which humans had limited immunity began to spread to nine countries and in the US alone there were nearly 100 people who were infected in about eleven states.

Precautionary measures were taken in many states, like the closure of schools and educational institutions that affected almost 53,000 students and children in Texas. North of the Mexican border a marine was infected by the swine flu virus and 39 of the other marines were being quarantined. The European Union and the US along with other countries have tried to discourage unnecessary travel to Mexico.

Other countries have recommended travelers to avoid Canada and the US even though Health officials have said that bans like these would not really do much to stop the swine flu virus. The virus is said to have infected 2,498 persons across Mexico in addition to 168 people who have already died of the virus. Only 1,311 patients are hospitalized due to suspected swine influenza and it is feared that thousands more complained of the symptoms in spite of the attempts to curb the outbreak.

The virus can infect all surfaces and therefore it is of utmost importance to keep all surfaces free of microorganisms. One way to do this is to use the Smittstopp Spray that not only guarantees a long term protection from the virus but also acts as a cleaner and a disinfectant. The technology behind this is the novel “electrostatic attraction”. Once the Smittstopp is sprayed over the surface, it adheres and bonds to it very well and after it dries it forms a layer of cationic polymer.

This cationic polymer is positively charged and this works like a magnet to the viruses and bacteria and other tiny microorganisms which are anionic (negatively charged) that stick to the surface and get killed in an instant. The Smittstopp (the name means “Stop the disease”) spray can be sprayed on clothes and the effects don’t wear off in a hurry! Even after 20 washes, clothes that have been sprayed with Smittstopp have been found to resist the virus.

It is therefore important to spray all surfaces that are constantly touched with Smittstopp as this will ensure the destruction of deadly viruses. All knobs, handles of doors, stair railings, banisters, switches, taps, etc should be sprayed to keep them virus free. Public areas like libraries, transport terminals, bus stops, clinics and hospitals, schools and educational institutes should ensure that the Smittstopp spray is used over all

Care should also be taken not to neutralize the Smittstopp spray effect by spraying common or ordinary cleaners over it. This is because ordinary cleaners are negatively charged whereas the cationic polymer layer of the Smittstopp spray is positively charged.

The swine flu in Texas has made the world aware that many special precautionary measures have to be taken to stem the virus. Swine flu does have similar symptoms like the ordinary regular influenza, and is spread through the miniscule particles that are laced with the virus, so people are advised to stay at home, wash their hands regularly and use facemasks and respirators.