The importance of wearing the flu face mask

Health Authorities around the world have stressed on the importance of wearing the swine flu mask, even though face masks and respirators do not give you total protection and defense against the swine flu/H1N1 flu virus.

This is because a respirator or face mask does prevent the inhaling of air borne microorganisms and reduces risks of infection. The flu face mask prevents you from infection by large globules and spittle etc while in the vicinity of people suffering from cough and cold, but N95 respirators actually filters the bacteria and virus.

During a pandemic there would naturally be a shortage of facemasks. It is important that people know the difference between the N95 mask, surgical mask and the common dust mask. All face masks do not filter out particles that are infected with the virus and not all face masks are resistant to fluids. The N95 mask seems to be the most efficient as they are made to filter all microorganisms and provides good protection from viruses that are airborne. Surgical masks could also be used if the N95 mask is not easily available.

Once the masks are used they should be disposed of carefully. The outside contaminated surface should not be touched. Once used these masks are infectious and should not be worn if they are soggy and wet. The eyes, mouth and nose need to be protected from contaminated surface.

The swine flu influenza remains viable for around 6 to 14 days and can survive in the cold as well as water. The N95 flu face mask is also called a respirator and is most effective. They cannot be worn for very long periods though because breathing through them is hard. But they fit very well and tightly on the face and seals up the edges well. These masks are fuel resistant and are 95% efficient against liquid and solid particles that are over .03 microns in size.

Since one has to be kept safe from infected surfaces, it is of paramount importance to use an antiviral spray. One such example of a highly efficient spray is the Smittstopp spray. This spray can be sprayed on all surface materials. It bonds very tightly to the surface leaving behind a thin film/coating of cationic polymer which is positively charged.

This layer attracts the negatively charged (anionic) microorganisms – viruses and bacteria – to it, and then destroys them instantly. This spray therefore works on the principle of “electrostatic attraction”. It is effective and offers a long term protection. Furthermore, clothes that have been thus sprayed, are found to be successful in keeping viruses away even after being washed around 20 times. Thus even flu face masks should be sprayed with the Smittstopp spray both inside and out, to double the protection and curb infection.

The Smittstopp spray should also be used on surfaces that are likely to be touched constantly like personal items – keys, cell phones, jewelry, hand bags, shoes etc – and all buttons, switches, handles and knobs, railings and table tops etc in public places like shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, libraries and other institutions like schools and colleges. This will ensure the safety of people everywhere, as the spay kills the viruses before they can breed or spread into the environment.

A responsible individual will realize the importance of wearing the swine flu face mask at all times in the correct manner – not letting it hang from one ear or only on the mouth and not the nose etc. It is necessary to wash one’s hands frequently and avoid touching one’s eyes, mouth and nose.