Swine flu Texas, the 2009 outbreak

The first swine flu death in America was in Texas where a 23 month old baby succumbed to the virus. With the situation being far worse in neighboring Mexico at beginning of the year, many feared they would not survive.

swine flu spreading across nations, panic and grief seems to have taken over. Although the first American death was from Texas, the situation here never got as worse as in Mexico or other severely affected places. Although there were H1N1 positive cases in this state the government declared that there was no need to panic.

Unlike other states or nations, Texas never banned tourism and allowed people to commute. Though swine flu did not spread widely in Texas, it did create panic and fear among the citizens.

Texas government and health officials urged people to follow preventive measures and if possible avoid traveling to destinations where numbers of swine flu cases were high. With the sudden outbreak of swine flu, health officials in Texas worked round the clock to help the affected.

Swine flu in humans was an uncommon occurrence until this year. This disease is mostly found in pigs and only people who handled them were at risk of getting infected. However, this outbreak was sudden and gave no time for officials to detect the source.

Swine flu being contagious has been giving sleepless nights to several people. Though Texas was still a safer place, citizens here made sure they stepped out only with a mask on their face. For several days the streets of Texas wore an empty look as people chose to stay indoors.

Today swine flu has turned out in a pandemic and has affected numerous lives. This disease has killed thousands of people across the globe and infected large numbers of people. Although swine flu is curable, one needs to follow right precautions to combat the flu. During this troubled time a Swedish person came up with a product that can offer complete protection from the swine flu virus. Smittstop in Swedish means stop the spread of disease. This product comes in liquid form and is H1N1 tested.

Smittstop has a combination of PHMB, salts and Cationic Polymer. All these molecules are positively charged to fight against the negatively charged microorganism. Ordinary cleaners are anionic (negatively charged) and thus help virus grow. This spray can be used on toilets, taps, furniture, clothes, and places where you fear the presence of virus is high. This liquid binds well with any material and thus stays there for long even after washing.

Smittstop gives 100 percent protection against the swine flu virus when used on cleaner surfaces. Make sure the place is dirt free and then apply Smittstop so it can work effectively. On spraying this liquid it leaves a thin layer of positively charged molecules that are successful in keeping the virus from coming to you. This is the only product for now that offers protection from swine flu in comparison to other cleaners.

Swine flu can certainly be controlled with the proper use of Smittstop. Bring home this product and set your family free from the fear of the pandemic.