Swine Flu Texas – one of the several affected places

Swine flu was first detected in Mexico where the death toll rose for several days. With Texas sharing border with Mexico had put several lives at risk of swine flu spreading widely among citizens. Though the first American death came from Texas, health officials were unaware about how the 23 month old baby got infected.

Thankfully despite being closer to Mexico, Texas did not face the worst. The situation of swine flu in Texas was under control, however, panic and fear did engulf people.

The Texas government was quick to act on the sudden outbreak of swine flu. Health officials worked 24/7 to help the infected. Though the government assured citizens that there is no need to fear, people were hardly convinced. For several days the streets of Texas wore a barren look with people choosing to stay at home.

Citizens were educated and urged to follow precautionary measures to combat the disease. Soon news channels and newspapers were asking people to keep an eye on flu like symptoms. Fighting swine flu disease was not a difficult situation for people in Texas and it soon had control over the situation.

Despite many positive cases, Texas chose to be open for travel and allowed people to commute within the state. Looking at the improving situation, citizens gradually overcame fear of swine flu and got back to normal life. Though it was months back that this state faced the attack from the life threatening virus, many nations are still battling it out. Today the global toll of swine flu death has risen and is still rising. Countries like Brazil and India are among the worst hit by the pandemic.

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