Swine flu symptoms – What to look for?

More than the spread of swine flu virus, we can see fear and panic spreading in the masses. With swine flu causing thousands of death and infecting over a million across the globe people now want to keep a close watch on the onset of this virus. With the swine flu symptoms similar to those of ordinary flu, it becomes difficult to detect the disease. Early detection of swine flu can save not only yours but several lives and thus its important to known the symptoms. As a precautionary measure it is essential to know, learn and understand about swine flu symptoms and what to look for.

Swine flu symptoms are just like that of seasonal flu. Body pain, cold, chills, cough, fever, running nose, sore throat, difficulty in breathing, upset stomach, weakness and drowsiness are signs one should look for.

If any of these symptoms are observed in you or your loved one, it is best to avoid contact with public and visit a doctor at the earliest. Swine flu symptoms may occur 2 to 4 days after you have been infected and thus one must not delay in getting diagnosed by heath officials. When you notice these symptoms make sure you visit only government listed hospitals to get timely treatment.

Swine flu is curable; however the death of thousands across the globe spread fear among masses. Most who succumbed to swine flu, either had multiple health problems or weak immunity levels. Observing swine flu like symptoms may not necessarily mean you are infected but one should carry out the check up as a preventive measure. Everyone is trying methods to ensure safety from the swine flu virus. To our rescue, a Swedish person has come up with an invention that promises total protection from the pandemic.

Smittstopp is a Swedish discovery done after much research and study to curb the swine flu virus. This product comes in a liquid form and has been tested. Composed of Non ionic surfactants, Cationic polymers, PHMB and salts Smittstopp is a perfect solution against swine flu. It contains positively charged molecules that work effectively against the negatively charged micro organisms. Smittstopp is not like any ordinary disinfectant that is anionic (negatively charged).

Smittstopp can fight every type of virus, bacteria and certainly keep you away from the swine flu virus. This liquid can be sprayed on any place and material as it binds well and does not easily get washed away by water. On spraying Smittstopp it leaves a thin layer of positively charged molecules that can attract the swine flu virus and kill it instantly. Swine flu being pandemic, its virus may not take time to reach you. The virus can be present on any surface and can infect you. Mere use of masks or quarantine may not prove fruitful. Use Smittstopp the only promising product that can stop the spread of the virus.

Smittstopp is easy to use and when used on cleaner surface offers great results. Make sure you clean the place before spraying Smittstopp on it. Once the layer is formed, it stays there for long and keeps the virus away from you. Instead of keeping an eye on swine flu symptoms bring home Smittstopp and carry on with your daily chores.