Swine flu stop spreading

How can the swine flu be stopped from spreading? Since most humans have no immunity from this new flu (H1N1), these are answers that need to be known throughout the world, to keep this epidemic from spreading.

The most important ways to keep H1N1 from spreading are simple techniques used during any flu outbreak. The best way is to keep your hands washed and try to stay in good health. This means getting enough sleep, being active physically, drinking plenty of fluids, eating a proper diet and managing your stress. Try to keep from touching infected surfaces if these areas are contaminated with H1N1. And above all, avoid contact with those who are sick with this flu.

There is currently no vaccine to offer protection from H1N1. But there are everyday protections that a person can take to stop from catching this flu. Besides washing hands frequently, cough or sneeze into your sleeve or a tissue and dispose of the tissue after use. If you share a work space with anyone, be sure to wipe your desk and computer down with a sanitizing wipe or other sanitizing product at the end of the day. If you have flu like symptoms, stay home and contact your family physician especially if you have recently traveled to Mexico. If your child is sick, don’t send them to school or daycare.

Other actions that can be taken are to follow health officials’ advice concerning closures of schools, avoiding crowds and other social distancing measures. Be prepared in case you or your family members become ill and need to stay home for a week or more by having a supply of over-the-counter medications, alcohol based hands sanitizers, tissues and other items that might be needed as this will help you to avoid trips out while you are sick or contagious.

If you are sick you should limit contact with others as much as possible. Stay home from work or school for 7 days or until symptoms are gone.

Using these few precautions, H1N1’s spread can be eliminated from spreading rapidedly to some degree.

Swedish invention can reduce the spread of swine influenza (H1N1)

SmittsStopp can be used on all touch surfaces in hospitals, clinics, public spaces, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, shops, taxis, buses and of course at home. Examples of such surfaces are the taps, handles, switches, and similar surfaces where infections spread easily. It can be used to wipe off the cell phones, computer key boards and mice.

SmittStopp is based on a unique new Swedish invention, cationic polymer, which is positively charged and attaches to all surfaces. Bacteria, virus, staphylococci, and all microorganisms are negatively charged. These are attracted to the positive charge in the polymer where they can not grow and die. For further information go to smittstopp.com.