Swine flu prevention – fighting the virus in right manner

Prevention is better than cure is what we have been reading and listening to as a child. With the outbreak of swine flu, this phrase became the tagline for every individual. Swine flu being the most contagious virus, following preventive measures becomes a priority. Staying away from swine flu affected person is not the only prevention.

One needs to fight the virus in a right manner. Building your immunity is one of the best ways to stay away from the flu. However, this may not always help people who are also suffering from other health problems. When we talk about swine flu prevention there are several things that need to be considered.

Bringing daily life to a halt will not do much to fight the virus. In particular, bringing daily life to a stand still is not the right prevention. Practicing good hygiene, like washing hands with disinfected soap each time, using a kerchief or tissue when sneezing, eating plenty of fresh fruits to boost immunity level, getting a sound sleep for at least 8 hours helps your immunity fight virus. Drinking plenty of water is good otherwise also, however during the pandemic, one must constantly be hydrated and use filtered water.

Alter your diet and include more food items that help strengthen immunity. Indulge in lots of vegetables, fruits, and grains in your daily diet. Exercise is one of the best way to keep all illnesses at bay. Every morning just jump out of the bed and breathe fresh air while loosening your tired muscles.

Keep away from public places and avoid shaking hands, or using public toilets. Although it’s a rude gesture, it is important to maintain a safe distance from sick people as they are easily vulnerable to the flu and can be carriers of the virus. Make it a point to visit your physician instantly if you find any flu like symptoms.

Swine flu being a pandemic is spreading on a massive scale. The above mentioned preventive measures will certainly work as a barrier between you and swine flu. However, to all our surprise there is an even better preventive measure that can assure complete protection from the contagious virus. Yes you read that right, “Smittstopp” a disinfectant offers total prevention from the globally spreading swine flu.

This Swedish invention works effectively, on the virus and acts like a shield. This easy to use product can be simply sprayed on any surface and then wiped off. When sprayed, Smittstopp creates a layer that works like a magnet to attract the harmful micro organism including swine flu virus.

Smittstopp creates a molecular thin layer that is made of cationic and food grade (polymer) both positively charged. These positively charged molecules attract the negatively charged microorganisms and kill them instantly. This liquid is made with a combination of salts, PHMB, non ionic surfactants and cationic polymers.

Smittstopp can be sprayed at places where there are high chances of swine flu virus to accumulate. Smittstopp is an efficient disinfectant that has the power to keep the virus away for a long time. Using Smittstopp on a cleaner surface will help you achieve better protection. Smittstopp is medically tested and the results have been great. This liquid actually kills the virus and prevents it from coming back.

The rate at which swine flu is spreading, the only best preventive measure that comes across is “Smittstopp”. It is effective, easy and certainly a promising disinfectant that can actually prevent the swine flu virus in the right manner.