Swine Flu Name

The name swine flu has been a major concern worldwide for the past few months. It is an influenza virus, medically known as A(H1N1). This virus has traces of bird and pig influenza virus in it. Hence, humans have no immunity to this virus. It spreads easily from person to person and the common symptoms of swine flu are similar to that of the regular flu. It has resulted in a large number of hospitalizations and deaths and has been declared by the WHO as a global pandemic. It is feared that it may return in the coming months more severely and the virus could mutate further to become lethal.

According to CDC, the common symptoms of swine flu can be fever, coughs or sneezes, runny or stuffy nose, sore throat, body aches, headaches, chills and extreme fatigue. Sometimes, diarrhea and vomiting can also be seen. Serious swine flu infection could result in pneumonia or respiratory failure. The presence of the virus can be detected by a throat swab or nose culture tested at a government approved laboratory. Pregnant women, small children, senior citizens and people with chronic medical problems like asthma, diabetes or heart troubles are more prone to develop serious complications if they contract swine flu.

If someone contracts swine flu, that person should be kept in isolation because droplets from their cough or sneeze can spread the virus to others who come in contact with them and can also contaminate surfaces like doorknobs, drinking glasses, desks, kitchen counters and toilets. An infected person is likely to spread the flu germs as soon as he gets the flu even when the symptoms do not show up conspicuously. So it is imperative that all preventive measures be taken to avoid this virus.

As of now, there is no vaccine available to defend ourselves from this virus. So, it is advised to maintain good personal hygiene and wash hands frequently, specially after touching common surfaces. A tissue should be used while coughing or sneezing and should be disposed of immediately and properly. Crowded places like malls, theatres or journeys by train and planes should be avoided, as also sharing pens or utensils. Facial masks can be worn to eliminate the risk of breathing the virus in. A product which can help to keep surroundings disinfected and also to kill the swine flu virus is Smittstop, available in the form of a spray.

Smittstopp is a unique formulation based on the latest Swedish discovery, cationic polymers. When Smittstopp is sprayed on any surface, it forms an invisible film of cationic polymers which are positively charged. These attract all viruses and bacteria which are negatively charged. Once the viruses come near it, they remain stuck and then die. The polymer film is water resistant also. So Smittstopp can easily be used in the place of any regular disinfectant to get rid of the deadly swine flu virus and also to stop its multiplication.

Smittstopp can be sprayed on all possible common surfaces like doorknobs, kitchen counters, toilets, desks, public transport vehicles and even clothes. A simple surgical mask can be made virus proof by spraying Smittstopp on its outer surface and can then also be used more than once. A bottle of Smittstopp can prove to be the miraculous potion to fight swine flu.