Swine flu in Canada

Canada is among those that had registered the highest swine flu cases in North America. With 67 deaths and over 10,456 positive cases swine flu had created fear and panic among the residents of Canada. The pandemic seemed like a big disaster and most people were struggling to find ways to protect themselves and family. Swine flu which is a common occurrence among pigs, suddenly jumped to humans at the beginning of this year. Health officials in Canada and across the globe went through testing times to help swine flu infected people.

The sudden outbreak of swine flu has challenged the entire health industry across the globe. Since health officials were not prepared with a swine flu vaccine, this pandemic took thousands of lives across the world. Swine flu in Canada brought life to standstill as citizens feared to step out.

Busy roads stood silent with not many vehicles or people passing by. With the news that swine flu spreads more easily in crowded places, people feared to venture out in public places. Large number of people felt the need to undergo a test to be on the safer side. However, with so many swine flu cases to handle, doctors had to work round the clock to battle this pandemic.

Swine flu in Canada recorded the highest cases in North America. Almost every part of Canada felt the presence of the virus and it infected large numbers of people. Be it Alberta, Manitoba, North West Territories, Prince Edward Island, Ontario or Nova Scotia, every place went recorded positive cases of swine flu.

Canada saw several families in grief and pain all due to the havoc played by this pandemic. People were struggling to find measures that can protect them against the virus. Flu masks, cleaners and immunity boosting foods are in great demand as it offers some protection.

In such times where thousands of people across the globe have succumbed to swine flu, it becomes essential to find measures that can offer total protection against the virus. A Swedish invention has come as a hope to keep the virus away.

This invention is called Smittstopp and is been created with care and accurate studies. Smittstopp is H1N1 tested and then launched in the market. This liquid spray is a combination of Cationic polymers, Non ionic surfactants, salts, and PHMB. This spay contains positively charged molecules that work against the negatively charged micro organisms.

Smittstopp should be sprayed on cleaner surface after which it leaves a thin layer behind that stays for a long time. This layer is quick in attracting the virus and kills it instantly. Not only swine flu virus but Smittstopp is efficient in killing every other microorganism.

Smittstopp is no ordinary disinfectant and offers complete protection against the swine flu virus. It can be used on any material, and places were the virus can grow. Right from taps, door handles, to washrooms, furniture and clothes you can spray Smittstopp on almost everything. It binds well with any material and stays there for a long time.
Smittstopp is the best alternative as of now that can assure you complete protection against the swine flu virus. You only need to make sure that this liquid is used on cleaner surface so that it offers 100 percent protection. A few drops of Smittstopp and you stay fearless.

Proper use of Smittstopp can prove beneficial in this battle with the swine flu virus.