Swine flu face masks – a reality check

The spread of swine flu has forced people to buy flu face masks at exorbitant prices. Many a times the masks are out of stock with companies and cities placing orders for millions of masks.

The streets and offices bear a look of people wearing all types of mask. Cloth, N95, and even designer masks have become popular with the onset of the pandemic. Although the mask manufacturers are doing a good business, the question of whether these masks offer protection from flu is unanswered. Experts have been debating over these masks as a debatable way of fighting the swine flu virus.

Though swine flu face masks do very little to guard you against the virus, there is a rise in demand for the same. It does hold true that the flu face masks are to be worn by infected people in order to avoid spread of the virus. However, large numbers of people are seen using the masks as it gives them mental assurance of being safe from the pandemic.

People are spending money like never before to get swine flu face masks to combat the virus. With thousands of people succumbing to the virus, using masks gives mental satisfaction to the masses.

Flu face masks can filter solid pollutants from entering your airways but does not guarantee against viruses. Swine flu virus can be present on any surface and can stay there for some time. It easily spreads and can infect numerous people.

Swine flu is a pandemic and one cannot fight it with mere masks. Apart from several precautionary measures, one has to use products that can kill the virus. Ordinary cleaners are known to be anionic that is negatively charged just like the microorganism and thus are of little use.

In such difficult times where the entire world is full of fear and panic, a Swedish invention has come to our rescue. Smittstopp is the only product developed as of now that can offer complete protection from the swine flu virus.

Created with a combination of PHMB, salts, non ionic surfactants and Cationic polymers, Smittstopp is positively charged as against negatively charged microorganisms. This liquid product can be sprayed on any material as it binds well and even resists water.

On spraying Smittstopp a thin layer is formed that pulls the swine flu virus towards it and kills it within seconds. This layer stays for a long time and offers total protection from the threatening virus.

Smittstopp when used on cleaner surfaces assures 100 percent protection. This liquid can be sprayed on furniture, clothes, toilet seats, doors, handles, taps, and places were the virus can grow. Smittstopp has no side effects and is safe to use.

Smittstopp is medically tested is the only product that can keep the swine flu virus from coming to you. Instead of fear taking over you, let there be sense of security with the use of Smittstopp the disinfectant that can kill any type of virus and bacteria. You can spray this on your masks when stepping out and rely on the layer to guard you against the virus.

Swine flu being a pandemic puts large number of people at the risk of being infected. This virus can stay on your clothes or body and further enter through the airways. Thus in these circumstances we need a product that can kill the virus and protect you from being its victim. You can easily the battle the swine flu virus with the help of Smittstopp.