Swine flu being spread thru treated water venues

Can swine flu (H1N1) be spread thru water – such as swimming pools, water parks, spas, and other treated water park venues? With summer and hot weather coming up, many people are beginning to ask this question.

Water that is in recreational parks or venues which has been treated at the Center for Disease Controls (CDC) recommended levels of disinfectant do not seem likely to be a risk for transmission of any influenza viruses including H1N1.

There are no recorded cases of humans being infected with the flu from exposure to flu-contaminated swimming pool water. Currently there is no research on the susceptibility of H1N1 flu virus to disinfectants such has chlorine used in spas, water parks, swimming pools and other water park venues. But studies have shown that free chlorine levels recommended by CDC are sufficient to disinfect the highly pathogenic H5N1 avian flu virus. Therefore it is likely that other flu viruses such as the new H1N1 virus would also be disinfected by these chlorine levels.

This does not mean that the H1N1 virus can not be spread at water venues outside of the water. Venues such as this are no different than other group settings that may be crowded with a lot of people. Since the spread of H1N1 is thought to happen in the same way as seasonal flu spreads, any large crowd or group would be susceptible to spreading. H1N1 spreads from person to person thru coughing or sneezing from those infected. Sometimes people become infected by touching infected surfaces and then touching their mouth, nose or eyes. This would especially be true with H1N1 since it has a long incubation period and people who are infected might not feel sick or exhibit any symptoms and therefore might be out for a day at the pool, infecting everyone they come in contact with.

The best protection in a venue such as this is frequent washing of hands or frequent use of hand sanitizers. Other ways to protect yourself are to remain in good health by eating healthily, getting plenty of sleep, staying physically active, drinking plenty of fluids and reducing the stress in your life. In other words, don’t stay up all night playing video games and then spend a day in the sun while drinking little fluids – thus stressing your body out by becoming dehydrated and badly sunburned as well as already being overly tired.

Common sense is the best way to keep from catching H1N1 as well as any flu virus.

Swedish invention can reduce the spread of swine influenza (H1N1)

SmittsStopp can be used on all touch surfaces in hospitals, clinics, public spaces, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, shops, taxis, buses and of course at home. Examples of such surfaces are the taps, handles, switches, and similar surfaces where infection spreads easily. It can be used to wipe off the cell phones, computer key boards and mice.

SmittStopp is based on a unique new Swedish invention, cationic polymer, which is positively charged and attaches to all surfaces. Bacteria, virus, staphylococci, and all microorganisms are negatively charged. These are attracted to the positive charge in the polymer where they can not grow and die. For further information go to smittstopp.com.