Swine flu – Avoid being at Crowded places

The onset of swine flu has spread panic and fear among the masses. Being a pandemic large number of people are at risk of becoming a victim of swine flu. Already with thousands succumbing to this flu and several other fighting it, the government of several nations and cities is urging people to avoid being at crowded places. Crowded places may have carriers of the swine flu virus that can make you an easy prey of the disease. It is said that this illness can quickly spread in huge crowds and thus people are asked to avoid visiting public places.

Swine flu is certainly a curable disease, but the rising toll does not reassure us. In an effort to curb swine flu, officials are asking people to stay indoors and avoid public places. Many badly affected cities even ordered the closure of public places in order to stop people gathering outdoors. Swine flu virus can easily spread and be present on any surface. If found on your clothes or surface close to you, it may not take time for the virus to enter your body through your nose and mouth. Schools were shut down, as the virus was mostly found to spread faster in children.

Some people did heed such advice and stayed at home, however, many could not afford to halt their daily routine. Bringing daily life to stand still is not the only solution to curb the virus. Along with other effective measures, one has to look out for products that can offer protection from the pandemic. Using ordinary cleaners and disinfectants may not help, as they are anionic (negatively charged) like micro organisms and thus help the growth of virus instead of killing it. Unlike these cleaners, a Swedish invention has offered us hope in this fight against the virus.

Smittstopp is a Swedish development that helps in curbing the virus. Composed with the help of PHMB, salts, non ionic surfactants and Cationic polymers, Smittstopp is H1N1 tested. It contains positively charged molecules that work effectively against the negatively charged micro organisms. This liquid easily attracts the virus and kills it within seconds. Smittstopp should be sprayed at places and on things where you fear the presence or growth of swine flu virus. This product binds well on any material and does not get washed away even by water.

Smittstopp should be used on clean area to allow the product to work effectively. Dirty surface may act like a hindrance and may not allow the liquid to give 100 percent results. On spraying Smittstopp leaves a thin layer on the surface and attracts the virus to kill it instantly. As the layer lasts for long, it works as an effective shield against the flu. In the current situation where no product offers safety from the swine flu virus, Smittstopp is the only hope to prevent the virus.

To stay away from swine flu, avoid crowded places but at the same time use Smittstopp that can guard you and your family from the deadly virus. This pandemic should be battled and fear will never let you do so. Use Smittstopp to get rid of your worries and stand strong against the swine flu virus.