Swine flu a curable disease

Swine flu is a curable disease and one can certainly survive it. Thousands of people are living in panic and fear due to the outbreak of swine flu; however, there are a few who hardly care about the virus. The reason why you find some not worrying about the pandemic is that the duration for recovery is not more than a week or two.

In practical terms, swine flu is like any ordinary flu and can be cured with right medications. Surviving swine flu is not a miracle but an immunity game. Most of those who succumbed to swine flu either had low immunity levels or additional health problems. The recovery duration for flu is not more and you can bring life back on track even after being infected.

Although we see the swine flu death rate to be in thousands across the globe we forget or sideline the fact that there were millions of infected people who came out healthy. The number of infected people was far more than we can imagine and 90 percent of them recovered from the flu in not more than a week or two.

Proper medication, healthy diet, hygienic conditions and of course the willingness to battle the virus plays a major role in recovering from swine flu. Although we see media playing a big role in spreading fear and panic among the masses, it is up to us whether to believe it or not.

Instead of referring to the dead, let’s concentrate on those who recovered from the so called deadly swine flu. There are several survivors who did not take more than a week’s duration to overcome the flu. They are healthy and fit and back to work. Sure there have been deaths but the virus was not the only reason.

Lack of medication, delay in diagnosis, low will power, additional health problems and lower immunity levels were all responsible for the deaths of the infected. Early and timely detection of swine flu makes it easy to battle the virus. Concentrating on your diet will help you stay away from the virus.

Swine flu is not as deadly or threatening as it is assumed to be. However, it is quite possible for most people to not believe this following the unusually large number of deaths and thus it is best they use a product that can protect them from swine flu.

A Swedish invention named Smittstopp is developed after a lot of research to fight the virus. It is H1N1 tested and thus you can completely rely on the product. This liquid spray is a composition of PHMB, cationic polymers, Non ionic surfactants and salts. It also contains positively charged molecules that work effectively against the negatively charged micro organisms.

Smittstopp can be sprayed on any material or place where you fear contamination. It binds well with any material and also resists water. This product has no side effects and is user friendly. Using this product on cleaner surface will give 100 percent results. On spraying, Smittstopp leaves a thin positively charged layer that stays for a long time. It is quick in attracting any type of virus and kills it within seconds. Smittstopp is an effective disinfectant that guards you against any type of virus and bacteria.

Use of Smittstopp will not only protect you from swine flu virus but keep away other organisms. Get home Smittstopp and overcome the fear of being a victim of swine flu. However, at the same time remember if infected recovery is not more than a week away and you can certainly battle it, if you have the will for it.