Pandemic Vs Epidemic – what’s the difference?

Pandemic Vs Epidemic: what is the difference? A pandemic is actually an epidemic that spreads and infects huge populations across a continent or a large region. Whereas, an epidemic is a disease that spreads during a particular period at a faster rate than expected in a human population of a particular place. The incidence rate is the new cases of infection in a human population during a particular period. Thus to understand it more simply, a pandemic is when an epidemic can’t be controlled.

An epidemic that spreads outside an area or city to a larger area geographically is called a pandemic. If the amount of people infected by the disease is very large as compared to what is generally expected, then even if it does not spread geographically, it still can be called a pandemic.

The swine flu pandemic has caused great alarm because this virus has spread from person to person and the number of swine flu related deaths around the world has made following precautionary measures a top priority. Personal hygiene and cleanliness of the environment is important. Some measures to be taken are wearing of a facemask or respirator, washing one’s hands frequently with a sanitizer, avoiding crowded places etc.

One of the most important measures to be strictly followed is that of personal hygiene. Surfaces all around may be contaminated with the virus. Touching these surfaces and then touching one’s mouth, nose and eyes can be risky. This is why surfaces should be sprayed by the Smittstopp spray which is not only an anti-viral spray but a cleaner and a disinfectant as well. Once the spray dries, a thin layer of cationic polymer is left on the surface. This layer is positively charged.

Working on the principle of “electrostatic attraction” the cationic polymer attracts microorganisms that are anionic or negatively charged viruses and bacteria. These get stuck to the surface like flies to flypaper. The spray then destroys them in a second, before they have a chance to breed and spread infection.

The Smittstopp spray can be used on all surfaces. The effect is long lasting. Clothes that have been sprayed with this have retained the effect even after being washed 20 times! All public areas that are most likely to get infected like public toilets, bus terminals, train stations, shopping malls, restaurants and hotels, schools etc should be sprayed with this spray to protect the public from being infected.

Taps, railings, handles, door knobs, switches, lift buttons etc should also be sprayed as they are being constantly touched. One should never keep the sprayed surfaces dirty to have maximum efficiency. Common cleaners should not be sprayed on top of the Smittstopp spray as this will neutralize the electrostatic attraction as these cleaners are negatively charged.

The topic “Pandemic Vs Epidemic: what’s the difference?” seems to confuse many. But a quick look at this article will put all your doubts at rest. It is easy to see that pandemics are the result of epidemics that go haywire! If the new disease cannot be localized or contained in one particular area or city, then it is likely (especially if the disease is airborne and can be transmitted easily from person to person) that a pandemic will result, affecting the whole world.