N95 Respirators – do they really protect against swine flu?

The question that is uppermost in everyone’s mind is “N95 Respirators – do they really protect against swine flu?” This is no surprise as hundreds of people have succumbed to this deadly virus all over the world.

People are concerned due to the fact that this virus has claimed the lives of old, young and babies. As a result, flu pandemic preparedness and planning has taken first place in many countries.

One of the precautionary measures that have been recommended all over the world is use of facemasks and respirator marks that help to filter out the viruses to a certain extent.

Whereas this measure is not totally successful, it is quite helpful to keep the infection at bay if carried out along with other measures that are imposed, like keeping away from public places, banning public meetings, closure of schools and other educational institutions, washing your hands frequently with soap and water, etc.

N95 Respirators are usually made of a nonwoven fabric that has no smell, are non toxic, non-sensitive and are not irritating to the user’s skin. They have a very high filteration and low resistance to breathing.
Some masks have a nose clip that is adjustable with a soft foam pad for the inner part of the nose to help it fit better and ensure complete sealing and comfort. What makes it more efficient is the highly efficient filter layer that has advanced microfibers that are electrostatic charged. These masks are also easy and convenient to use and guarantee 95% of particle filteration.

While you cannot get swine flu from eating Mexican food or pork, you can easily get infected by neglecting to sanitize and clean surfaces that you come in contact with in your environment.

Smittstopp has a product that helps you in this respect. The Smittstopp spray leaves behind a thin layer of cationic (positively charged) polymer on the surface that attracts the viruses which are anionic (negatively charged) line a magnet and kills them in a second. The best part is that these viruses get stuck to the surface and are killed on the spot making it impossible to spread, breed and contaminate the environment.

The Smittstopp (the name means “stop the disease spreading”) spray should be compulsorily used in public places and on surfaces that are most likely to be touched, like door knobs, handles, stair handles, banister railings, switches, taps, etc. Touching these surfaces without spraying Smittstopp on them could mean getting the deadly virus on your hands and fingers and then transferring the same to your mouth, eyes and nose. Respirators and facemasks could also be sprayed on both sides with this spray to ensure complete protection.

Smittstopp also cleans and degreases the surfaces. Hospitals, clinics, chemists and other areas where infection could easily spread should make it obligatory to use this product on all surfaces, so that long term protection is guaranteed. Apart from being a disinfectant the spray is also an excellent cleaner that removes dirt and fat because of the super-tenside that is also environment friendly. If you wait a few moments after spraying for it to dry off, the cleaning effect is enhanced. It has also been proved that smittstopp lasts for years and remains effective as long as the surfaces are clean.

The question “N95 Respirators- do they really protect against swine flu” will depend on the user’s responsibility and usage of the mask itself. If worn early and consistently, disposed of at the right times and kept clean, it will prove to be efficient in keeping the infection away.