N95 face masks – The most trusted savior for now.

N95 masks are one of most popular items across the globe for the moment. Medical stores are falling short of these masks due to the unexpected demand. N95 is the most hyped product and not to forget the most trusted savior for now. If you look out of your window, you will certainly find people walking with their mask. While other masks are ruled out as not offering enough protection, experts have been urging masses to use N95 mask. Where few assure protection with the help of N95 masks, others believe that this tiny thing is not enough to fight the pandemic.

Along with swine flu another piece that is making news is none other than N95 masks. This light weight easy to breathe medical design is good to filter out pollutants while cleaning or traveling. There have been enough debates on whether these N95 masks do really offer complete protection against the widely spread swine flu. Some argue that masks can only be worn by infected people to stop virus from spreading, there are some who believe that this mask can actually work like a shield to fight the disease.
Experts from US claim that N95 masks offer highest protection than the rest and do meet the medical guidelines. However none of the doctors and experts has come forward to claim that these masks can offer complete protection from the virus. With the outbreak of this pandemic it is obvious that large numbers of people are at risk of coming in contact with the virus. In such cases mere use of face masks may not offer the desired protection.

Swine flu virus can easily spread from cough or a sneeze in the air. The virus can also stay on a surface for long, and in case you come in touch with it, you can certainly be a victim of swine flu. Although you wear a mask, there are still chances of virus settling on your clothes that can latter enter your body. Thus in such circumstance one can’t really rely only on a mask. A N95 mask is like ‘something better than nothing at all’.

At this point of time when the entire world is battling the pandemic, a Swedish product can be a solution. Smittstopp a liquid spray offers complete protection against the pandemic. It is easy to use, affordable and certainly something you can rely on. Smittstopp is medically tested and was found effective on swine flu. Microorganism like virus and bacteria are negatively charged and they require a solution that is positively charged to attract it.

Smittstopp is made with cationic polymer, and PHMB and its molecules are positively charged as against the virus. This helps smittstopp to attract the virus and kill them instantly. This product can be sprayed on any place or material including clothes, furniture, rooms or places where you fear the virus may flourish. This product binds well with all materials and does not get washed away by water.

Smittstopp is nothing less than a savior in times when people are fighting a losing battle with the scary swine flu. Using this product can assure you protection. Make sure you spray the product on a clean surface to obtain best results. Spray the same on N95 masks to create a strong shield against the swine flu virus.