Is there any preventive measure against contagious Swine Flu?

One thing that has been able to get lots of media coverage and has created hysteria among people is swine flu. It has been a cause of huge panic among the masses since April 2009 when the first few cases were detected in Mexico. The flu is contagious in nature and spreads from person to person. There is a need for some effective bactericidal cleaner that can kill such bacteria and viruses and keep you safer. One such product on offer at the moment is SMITTSTOP which has long term effectiveness against harmful bacteria and viruses.

According to a new research published by University of Otago, Wellington, the swine flu virus is more contagious than it was previously thought and is spreading faster. According to research every person who has swine flu can pass it to two other people on an average. It spreads in same way as ordinary colds and flu. If you are within a meter or 3 meters from the person who coughs or sneezes, then you are a possible destination for the virus.

Similarly a person who coughs or sneezes and touches any surface, transfers it easily to the surface. If you touch the same surface that patient touches like door handles, phones, keyboards and then touch your face then the virus can enter your system and you may be infected. The flu virus usually lives on a hard surface for about 24 hours and on a soft surface for about 20 minutes. The people who are infected may be infectious soon after they develop symptoms. They may spread the virus for up to five days and for seven days in children. There are different medical masks that that are being used to prevent easy transfer of virus.

Swine flu being highly contagious, there needs to be an effective bactericidal cleaner that would help kill it. Most cleaners that are available are anionic. There is a growing need for cleaners like cationic polymers. It is a novel technology that can be used around the world in places like hospitals and even public places to prevent contamination. At the moment Smittstopp spray seems to be the only cationic, bactericidal cleaner with long term effectiveness. It can be sprayed on surfaces to be cleaned and it may be able to disinfect and kill virus and bacteria in 1 second.

When sprayed on an area to be cleaned it leaves a molecular thin layer of positively charged polymer which attracts virus like that of swine flu. Even if you touch such an area which has the disinfectant and has been touched by an infected person, the virus may not be transferred as the virus would break and die. The cationic polymers technology has the potential to be effectively used on protective material, medical devices, cleaning and personal hygiene products, filter material, medical devices, etc, where bacterial contamination needs to be avoided.

Smittstopp is the only spray that is being offered at the moment, though efforts are on by the company to develop some other effective disinfectant products like soaps. They are also offering good quality masks on the web shop The mask has a ventilator which enables you to breath easy even while working or moving up the stairs and so on.

The cationic polymer cleaner Smittstopp seems to be a very good disinfectant spray to help reduce the spread of the swine flu virus. The technology may be a wonderful idea for a wide range of material and products to ensure protection from a variety of infections.