Is the Texas Swine Flu cause for concern?

Is the Texas Swine Flu cause for concern? Any outbreak of a virus is a cause for concern, so this one is no different from the others. The World Health Organization indicated that a world pandemic of H1N1 was well underway by alerting the international pandemic alert to the Phase 6 level. This alert caused several countries to take steps and measures to ensure that the virus is curbed. Hospital laboratories and other health agencies and clinics conducted a whopping total of 1020 tests for influenza.

The small child who died of swine flu in Texas hailed from Mexico and succumbed to the disease after he was admitted in a hospital in Houston. What was alarming was that the virus began to spread to other countries and 100 people were infected in different states in the US. Precautionary measures like complete closure of schools etc were taken in Texas.

The US and European Union with other countries have discouraged travel to Mexico. 168 people have already died of the virus and 2498 people have been infected by the virus in Mexico. It is feared that many more are still being infected in spite of the measures taken by the Government to stop the H1N1 flu outbreak.

All surfaces too are in danger of being infected by the swine flu virus and thus it is mandatory to keep them free of deadly infectious microorganisms. The way to do this is to use the Smittstopp spray which bonds well to all surface materials. This spray has a three fold advantage – not only does it kill viruses, but it acts like a cleaner and a disinfectant.

The Smittstopp spray works on the “electrostatic attraction” technology. This is because when sprayed on a surface, it coats it with a thin layer of cationic polymer. This is positively charged and attracts the microorganisms that are anionic (negatively charged). The viruses and bacteria are killed in an instant so that they do not spread, breed and contaminate the environment.

The Smittstopp spray is generally used on all surfaces that are frequently touched like taps, switches, banister railings, buttons, door handles and knobs, etc. It should be made compulsory to spray this in all public places like bus and train terminals, malls, hospitals, clinics, educational institutions and schools, etc. This will help to ensure that the environment is germ free and will reduce the risks of getting infected by the swine flu virus.

If the Smittstopp sprayed surfaces are re-sprayed with common or ordinary cleaners, the Smittstopp effect will be neutralized because unlike the Smittstopp spray, these cleaners are negatively charged and not positively charged. The surfaces should also be kept scrupulously clean to double the protection and increase the efficiency.

Personal hygiene is a top priority. A person should make sure that he or she takes all the measures that are advised like washing one’s hands frequently, using a face mask or respirator, avoiding crowds, and above all being vigilant and on the look out for the swine flu symptoms.

These symptoms include sore throat, body ache, persistent fever, fatigue and weariness, vomiting, breathing and respiratory distress etc. Early detection of the swine flu increases the chances of being totally cured.

So is the “Texas swine flu cause for concern and worry” a reality? Considering the high alert at various airports around the world and the strict measures taken by numerous health authorities prove it to be so.