Information on what is the swine flu.

With the increasing risk of H1N1 flu or swine flu spreading in most countries, a person has to have access to information on what is the swine flu. The questions most frequently asked about this virus are ” Will I get swine flu if I stay away from swine?”, “Will I get swine flu if I eat pork?”, “How is this flu different from other influenzas?” etc. It is only natural that these type of questions and doubts plague the masses since the swine flu virus has infected many all across the world and many have died from it.

Near panic hit the public and media when the swine flu first struck, but as the hype about the disease died down, people are getting more complacent. Yes, there are many myths that surround H1N1 flu. You certainly don’t get the disease by eating Mexican food or pork! You should learn to separate fiction from fact. The most important step is to take steps that can help you to prevent the swine flu from infecting your family and yourself, during the pandemic.

The swine flu refers to influenza that is caused by the strain of the virus that is endemic in swine. This swine flu is very common in pigs but is rare in human beings. “Zootonic” transmission is when people who are in close contact to or work with pigs get the swine flue if the pig carries the virus strain that is capable of infecting humans. The outbreak of H1N1 flu is because of the mutation of SIV – Swine Influenza Virus – into a type of virus that can easily be transmitted from human to human.

Cleanliness and complete sanitation is compulsory in your immediate environment. To enable this, the Smittstopp spray can be used to ensure the destruction of dangerous viruses and bacteria. Tiny microorganisms are easily transmitted to a person’s body through infected hands and fingers that touch the eyes, nose and mouth. The

Smittstopp spray helps to kill the viruses. When sprayed over surfaces it adheres strongly to it and leaves behind a thin layer of cationic polymer which acts like a strong magnet that attracts the viruses to it. Once stuck on the surface, the viruses get destroyed almost instantly. This takes place because of electrostatic attraction. The cationic (positively charged) polymer attracts the anionic (negatively charged) microorganism or virus and then destroys it.

Once sprayed on, this protective layer stays effective for years guaranteeing a long term precaution against the virus. Tests have proved that Smittstopp protection even lasts on clothes after 20 washes.

It is important to note that other ordinary cleaners are not positively charged but are negatively charged and if these common cleaners are used on top of the Smittstopp sprayed surfaces, it would cause a neutralizing effect. So do not use any ordinary cleaner on top of the Smittstopp spray.

Smittstopp spray should be used on switches, banister railings, taps, knobs, handles of doors, stair handles, lift doors and buttons, personal items like mobile phones, keys, etc to keep you completely safe from viruses. All public areas like clinics, hospitals, malls, public transportation terminals, etc should be sprayed so that they are safe.

Information on what is the swine flu can be accessed online at various sites. The virus spreads when a person infected with the swine flu virus sneezes or coughs without covering his/her mouth, or you touch articles that is infected and in turn touch your face, mouth, nose etc with those infected fingers.