Find out what organism causes swine flu.

The swine flu has a genealogy. To find out what organism causes the swine flu one has to first understand and study its genealogy. The fact that the flu was at one time contained only in pigs is known, but it is also a fact that this virus was similar to the regular common cold/seasonal flu virus and the gastroenteritis virus. Somewhere along the way, due to mutation, it transgressed. Though we may not admit it, physiologically we are pretty similar to pigs and even share traits. The main difference however is that the virus would have to change from its pig form to be able to get to the immune system of human beings. Like the avian flu that transgressed to people, this new strain of virus also has and no doubt a swine flu virus vaccine will eventually be found.

The swine flu/H1N1 virus refers to the two types of (H) hemagglutinin and (N)neuraminidase surface proteins of the new strain of Influenza A. The swine flu 2009 outbreak, the known strains of SIV include the Influenza C and subtypes of Influenza A known as H1N1, H1N2, H3N1 etc. these viruses are a genetic mixture of those strains that are seen in pigs, people and birds but it is called the “swine flu” because the virus structure is very like the SIV virus.

The swine flu virus is airborne and can easily contaminate surfaces. Therefore it is very important that the use of a good anti viral spray on all surfaces is used. One such spray is the Smittstopp spray that can be used on all surfaces. This spray bonds well to the surface and leaves a thin layer of cationic (positively charged) polymer on the surface that in turn acts like a magnet and attracts the anionic (negatively charged) microorganisms or viruses to it. The cationic polymer then kills and destroys the viruses instantly, not giving them a chance to breed and pollute the environment by spreading. This principle is called electrostatic attraction and is very effective in maintaining a long term protection.

The Smittstopp spray must be used on all surfaces that can be easily infected by the swine flu virus. For example, public places like toilets, shopping centers, malls, hotels, restaurants, pubs, clinics, hospitals, schools and educational institutions, etc should be sprayed with this spray. Surfaces of taps, knobs, handles, railings, switches etc.

should be made safe and free of viruses by spraying the Smittstopp spray on them. Personal items like jewelry, keys, spectacles, cell phones, purses and handbags, etc can also be sprayed. Do not use common sprays and cleaners over the Smittstopp sprayed surface and these cleaners are negatively charged and will neutralize the effect. Clothes can also be sprayed and do not lose their effect even after being washed 20 times!

If one wants to find out what organism causes the swine flu, then one should do a detailed study of the various strains of the virus. The symptoms of this flu are asymptomatic and cannot be easily detected during the incubation period, making it even more dangerous for people to infect one another. Look out for the symptoms of fever, fatigue, vomiting, body ache and headache, respiratory and breathing disorders.