Early detection of swine flu symptoms can save you

The first outbreak of swine flu in Mexico was never thought to turn into pandemic. This disease has killed over a thousand and infected many more people across the globe. This has caused immense pain and grief for several families who are battling swine flu. Most infected people did come out safe and are in good health only because they took timely measures. It is true that early detection of swine flu symptoms can save you from death. These symptoms are normally seen after 2 to 4 days of being infected and delay in treatment can push you closer to death.

Most people who tested positive for swine flu test conducted at airports did not show flu like symptoms but the early treatment helped them recover soon. Swine flu symptoms are similar to those of ordinary or seasonal flu and thus make it difficult to detect the disease. Swine flu affects the respiratory system and thus causes difficulty in breathing. Upset stomach and diarrhea are some other complications. In order to be on the safer side, it’s important that each one closely observes his/her body to detect any swine flu like symptoms and get correct treatment.

Swine flu symptoms includes, high fever, sore throat, body aches, upset stomach, vomiting, drowsiness, runny nose, cold, chills, sneezing, cough, tiredness, loss of appetite, joint pains and head aches. If any of these symptoms are seen it may not necessarily be swine flu and thus do not allow fear to possess you. These symptoms may be of ordinary flu, however, in wake of swine flu it is ideal to get a check up done. Early detection stops the spread of the virus and thus helps the body recover soon.

Swine flu being a pandemic puts large number of people at risk of being infected. The virus can stay on any surface and can get easily passed on to you. It becomes very essential to follow preventive measures and at the same time look out for products that assure protection against the virus. With several people thronging medical stores, people are buying ordinary cleaners as a product to curb the flu. However, do not fall prey to such products and look out for genuine stuff that can kill the virus.

Smittstopp for now is the only product that can work against the swine flu virus. This product is a Swedish invention and made with care and accurate studies. H1N1 tested Smittstop is reliable to use. This liquid product is a combination of PHMBs, salts, cationic polymers, and non ionic surfactants. These molecules are positively charged and thus work like poison against the negatively charged microorganisms.

Smittstopp when sprayed leaves a thin layer behind which stays there for long to detect and kill the swine flu virus instantly. This product can be used on any material and place where you fear the presence and growth of swine flu virus. Use it on clothes, furniture, washrooms or even on masks. This layer does not get washed easily in water and thus stays to offer protection against the virus for a long term.

Smittstop is the only product for now that guarantees protection in the battle against the swine flu virus. Use of this product is by far the best preventive measure that can ensure protection for your entire family. So what will you wait for, onset of swine flu symptoms or get Smittstop home and guard your family from this pandemic.