Do you have the Swine Flu Symptoms?

Do you have the Swine Flu symptoms? Or are you unnecessarily worried because you seem to have a cold and cough. The alarming reports of swine flu related deaths around the country have made people paranoid and afraid of getting infected by this dreaded disease. Authorities are worried that there could be a pandemic.
The symptoms of swine flu in a child include difficulty in breathing, rapid breathing, bluish or grayish skin color, severe and persistent vomiting, high fever and cough, flu like symptoms etc. In adults, the signs are a pain in the abdomen and chest, difficulty in breathing and a shortness of breath, feeling of lethargy and loss of energy, continuous vomiting, cough and fever. These symptoms like headache, body ache, sneezing, cough, fever, diarrhea shivering, fatigue and sore throat are similar to those of the regular flu.

A person can get infected by touching a surface or something that has already been infected with H1N1, and then touching the nose, eyes or mouth. The Swine flu virus can be transmitted from one human to another therefore it is important to take all precautions like wearing a respirator or facemask, washing ones hands regularly, maintaining a very high level of personal hygiene, avoiding crowds etc.

An effective measure against the swine flu virus would be the use of the Smittstopp Spray that can be used on all surfaces. This spray bonds very tightly to the surface and after it dries, it leaves behind a coating of Cationic Polymer which acts as a magnet or flypaper that traps the microorganisms to it and then proceeds to kill them instantly. This technology is called “electrostatic attraction” whereby the positively charged cationic polymer attracts the negatively charged anionic viruses and bacteria. The spray is also a cleaner that gets rid of fat and dirt and a disinfectant. Once the spray is used it stays on for a long period and offers a long term protection from microorganisms.

It is very important that the spray is used on all items that are constantly touched. A person’s handbag, keys, cell phones, glasses, pens, jewelry, etc should be sprayed to keep infection away. Taps, fans, switches, banister railings, door knobs, handles at public and private places should be sprayed with Smittstopp to ensure your safety.

Common sprays should not be sprayed on top of the Smittstopp sprayed surface because these sprays are usually negatively charged and this would neutralize the effects of the Smittstopp spray. Care should be taken to keep the sprayed surfaces clean for maximum protection.

If anyone had to ask you “do you have the swine flu symptoms?” you should know enough by now, to answer correctly. Though there have been swine flu related deaths all over the world, it appears that this disease is not as deadly as it is made out to be. Most developed countries have modern medicines that have played a major role in the recovery of many infected people. If the symptoms are detected at an early stage and the proper treatment and care is given to the patient, survival is more likely.

Tamiflu which is an anti-viral drug like Relenza, seem to be very effective in warding off the H1N1 flu. The patient should be kept warm and hydrated and should have plenty of rest. Remember, a full recovery from this swine flu is possible with the proper treatment.