Do medical masks work against swine flu? Fear of the swine flu pandemic is top in minds of most people around the world. Governments and health agencies in all countries are on the edge with favorable seasons for swine flu bringing about an increase in number of swine flu patients. If you go through different newspapers and news on television, almost all have at least one picture showing people wearing face masks. Even when you move around you may have noticed people moving around doing their daily activities wearing medical masks.

Face masks also sold as medical masks are being offered as a preventive measure for preventing swine flu. It is important to note that it is not the best solution to fight the virus but one of the measures that can help keep things in control.

It is a common sight in most places. Though not all governments are advising use of medical masks, some are advising it as a preventive measure. The medical masks can never be the only answer to restrict the virus from spreading. Medication and other preventive measures are equally important. Avoiding highly crowded places may be a safer option than visiting such places wearing a mask. The type of mask is also relevant.

If you are using the medical masks or the dental masks which are soft and loose fitting they may not be entirely safe. It may be advisable to use the form fitting N-95 respirator or masks made from spun plastic fiber. The respirators have the capacity to filter about 95 percent of tiny particles including the influenza virus. On the other hands other masks may be used but they may at the most protect anyone from the cough spray to some extent. Some studies however show that there is no evidence to suggest that N- 95 is better than the medical masks.

Swine flu can easily spread from one person to another. Its symptoms are similar to the ordinary flu virus. Swine flu influenza virus can spread through droplets when anyone with the flu sneezes or coughs. If the person fails to cover the face with a tissue, the virus may infect anyone within a meter (3 feet) from that person. Another possibility is when such a person touches any object like the door handle, hand rails and so on. If you use the same thing and then touch your face without washing your hand, then there is always a possibility of infection. That is why the use of masks is not the sole preventive measure you need to take.

Whether you prefer using the medical masks or the respirators; they can be effective only when worn properly and consistently. These measures have to be supported by using preventive steps like washing hands regularly, staying away from sick people, avoiding crowded places and so on. Ensure that your mouth and nose are properly covered when you use the mask. In places like hospital incorrect use puts you at a higher risk of being infected. Remember there is limited evidence to prove that medical masks provide complete protection from swine flu, though they are important preventive measures along with other measures. Web shops like offer high quality medical masks at reasonable prices.

Though medical masks are not the solution against swine flu; it is advisable to use them in such tough times. However the benefit according to some is that it helps people to feel safer and largely in control. A little bit of support can surely be a great solace in the fight against the virus.