Details about the Swine Flu Cancun

Details about the Swine Flu Cancun reveal that even though the outbreak of the swine flu in Mexico brought about the fear of a pandemic, no actual case of the dreaded disease was reported in the tourist hotspot of Cancun.

It is very important to get all the information you can on the swine flu in Cancun if you are planning to vacation there. You would have to stock up on adequate swine flu medication before you leave for Cancun because this is one area where this tourist spot is lacking. Your own personal doctor will give you all the information you need as to how to take the medication, the swine flu symptoms to look out for etc. The Health Authorities in Cancun are doing their best to curb any outbreak of the H1N1 flu. High alert at the airports have helped to check the entry of suspected cases of swine flu from entering Cancun. Medical facilities for all visitors are reported to be excellent.

All you have to do is make sure you take all the precautionary measures against infection. One of the best ways to avoid infection from viruses is using the Smittstopp spray. This spray works on electrostatic technology. It can be used as a cleaner to get rid of dirt and fats, as well as a disinfectant. The best usage of this spray though is to kill and destroy harmful microorganisms.

The Smittstopp spray can be sprayed on all types of surfaces. It bonds very strongly to any material and offers a long term protection. Once the spray dries on the surface, it leaves behind a layer of cationic polymer that is positively charged. This automatically attracts the negatively charged (anionic) microorganisms – viruses and bacteria – to it and then proceeds to destroy them in a second!

This spray should be used in all public places like libraries, parks, hospitals, clinics, schools, offices, and other institutions. Public transport facilities like buses, taxis and trains can also be sprayed to keep surfaces clean and protected. The easiest way to protect yourself is to spray taps, door knobs, handles, railings, switches etc.
If you are preparing to journey to Cancun you should also spray your personal items like keys, mobile phones, glasses, hand bags etc. This will offer you a double protection from the influenza virus that can infect surfaces. If you are using a facemask or respirator, make sure you spray this inside out with the Smittstopp spray. Tests have proved that clothes that have been sprayed with this, have retained their protection effect even after 20 washes!

Make sure you get immediate medication if you notice the following symptoms:

1. Persistent fever, and body ache
2. Persistent vomiting
3. Cough and sneezing
4. Diarrhea
5. Acute breathing and respiratory distress
6. Fatigue and loss of energy

Early detection of these symptoms will help you to effectively recover from the disease. You are at greater risk of being infected if you are pregnant, or already suffer from other diseases like asthma and other respiratory disorders, etc. Make sure you wash your hands regularly with a sanitizer and wear a respirator or facemask especially in crowded areas. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Keep a high standard of personal hygiene.

Details about the swine flu Cancun should make you aware of the risks you will be taking if you vacation in that area. Get the information you need by contacting the concerned authorities in your own country who should be able to give you the latest update of the disease.