Cases of the Swine Flu in Texas.

A number of cases of the swine flu in Texas and the state of California were being tracked by the Public Health Agency of Canada. It was found that none of the infected persons had direct contact with swine, so the US centers for prevention and control of diseases continue to investigate and determine the actual source of the virus infection.

People all over the country and world wide were being advised to receive the seasonal influenza vaccine, wash their hands regularly, stay at home, wear respirators and facemasks, cover their sneezes and coughs, and to be alert to identify the swine flu symptoms. The H1N1 flu is basically a respiratory infection and is very common in pigs. The transmission of this virus from pigs to human beings is rare but it is easily transmitted from human to human.

The first swine flu death was that of a toddler who travelled from Mexico to Texas and died in a hospital in Houston. Pregnant women are at a greater risk of being infected. Deaths of three pregnant women have been reported in the US out of which one was a 33 year old Texas woman who delivered her baby while she was in the hospital and later succumbed to the virus. In all, at least 4000 cases of swine flu were confirmed in the US – most of who were of the ages 18 and under, though officials feel the real number of infected people is much higher.

Apart from the usual precautions advised by the World Health Organization and Governments world wide, it is wise to sanitize one’s surroundings and take extra care about one’s personal hygiene. The best way to ensure this is to use the Smittstopp spray which can be used on any surface. This spray bonds extremely well to the surface and the effect of the spray lasts for a very long time. Tests have shown that clothes sprayed with Smittstopp have not lost its protection even after 20 washes. The Smittstopp spray leaves a thin cationic polymer layer on the surface after it dries. This layer of cationic polymer is positively charged and because of electrostatic attraction, it attracts the negatively charged (anionic) viruses and bacteria to it. When these infectious microorganisms get stuck to the sprayed surface, they get killed almost instantaneously.

The Smittstopp spray should be used on all items including personal ones like keys, pens, mobile phones and bags. Places that are crowded like malls, bus terminals, hospitals, clinics and educational institutions should make it mandatory to spray Smittstopp on taps, switches, table tops, rails, banisters, door knobs and handles etc. This will ensure that the viruses do not breed, or spread around.

The Smittstopp spray is positively charged and acts as a cleaner that gets rid of fats, grease and dirt as well as a disinfectant. No common cleaner should be used on top of the Smittstopp sprayed surface because these cleaners are negatively charged and thus will neutralize the effect of the spray.

Looking for effectiveness in keeping the swine flu in Texas at bay, the US and Mexican Governments imposed restrictions that shut down public places like museums, restaurants, libraries etc so that crowds would not congregate and people would stay at home. While it is stressed that it is humans and not the swine who are responsible in spreading the infectious swine flu, people all over the world have cut back on eating pork. It is of utmost importance to continue to follow all precautionary measures strictly.