Can you make antibacterial cleaner out of rubbing alcohol

Besides oral consumption in the form of breverages, there are numerous practical uses of alcohol in our daily life. however the most common form of alchohol that is used in breverages is ethyl alchohol or commonly known as ehanol. Another form of alcholol known as the rubbing alcohol is used industrialy. Chemically the rubbing alchohol is Isopropyl alcohol. The rubbing alcohol is used in cleaning electronic devices, in removing wax from the carpet, for erasing permanent markers and many more. It is used in making cheap ice packs also. Since Rubbing alchohol is cheap and easily available, many people wonder” can you make antibacterial cleaner out of rubbing alcohol?”

The facts that one must ponder upon when considering this alternative are:

1. The rubbing alcohol is a good alternative against harmful chemicals that are used in the making of antibacterial cleaner.

2. To prepare antibacterial cleaner out of rubbing alcohol is not very hard as many people think for it.

3. A lot of ways are there to make antibacterial cleaner out of a rubbing alcohol.

The antibacterial cleaners are made from various chemicals that are capable of killing different types of bacteria. The bacterias that are not killed by these antibacterial cleaners often aquire resistance to that perticular class of antibacterial chemical. The antibacterial cleaner capable of killing 99.9 % of bacteria can also be a bane for people living in the surroundings, as large amount of potent antibacterial agents can be responsible for allergies and eczema after sometimes. A lot of people don’t know that a few bacterias are beneficial for human existance. These bacteria are not only advantageous for our skin surface but also mentain the equiblirium of the intestinal flora within our bodies. So no points for guessing the fact that ‘killing these bacteria can harm us instead of benefiting us’.

In short people should understand that there is no profit in utilizing the antibacterial products against regular cleaners, soaps and disinfectants. One can get a germ free house by cleaning it with hot soapy water or mixture of bleach. But it is necessary to wash your hands with warm water and soap after coming in contact with a suspected source of infection. This can clean the house without killing beneficial bacteria as the most of the antibacterial cleaner do.