What is a Pandemic?

If you are wondering about what is a pandemic, then read this article which will give you all the information about an influenza pandemic, its causes and effects. A pandemic is an outbreak of a global disease. This occurs when a new strain influenza A virus strikes and the human population has very little or maybe no immunity at all against it.

This causes serious illness and spreads easily from person to person all over the world. When an influenza virus pandemic emerges, it is generally inevitable that it will spread globally. It is easy to assume that the entire population of the world would become susceptible to the disease, even though many countries all over the world take measures to control global travel and take steps to delay the virus.

As mentioned before, majority of the people have very little or no immunity at all to this virus causing infection to soar. Medication and medical care is then going to be of paramount importance for a great percentage of people worldwide. Facilities like medical staff, hospital beds, equipment, ventilators, vaccines and other antiviral drugs etc will be needed to accommodate/supply the demand of huge numbers of people who will get infected with the virus.

It goes without saying that media hype and number of swine flu related deaths will bring fear and terror in the hearts of populations. Therefore preventive measures have to be strictly followed by one and all. Health authorities have to be prepared in every way to curb the pandemics which in the past have spread worldwide in two and three waves.

An outreach and education are extremely necessary to prepare for a pandemic. People have to understand what a pandemic is so that they can make informed decisions as an individual and as a whole nation. Sound health information should be provided by the concerned governments.

Each individual should make sure that they take all the necessary precautions to avoid infection. The Smittstopp spray is one such way whereby one can be ensured of an environment that is free of deadly microorganisms – viruses and bacteria. The Smittstopp spray can be used on all surfaces and materials. This spray works on the electrostatic attraction principle.

Once the spray is sprayed on the surface it leaves a thin film of cationic polymer on the surface. This coating is positively charged and attracts the microorganisms – viruses and bacteria – to it, as these are anionic (negatively charged). Once these viruses and bacteria get stuck to the surface the spray kills and destroys them in an instant, leaving the environment safe. In this way, the virus does not get a chance to breed or spread.

The Smittstopp spray should be used on personal items like keys, handbags, cell phones etc as well as on taps, switches, door knobs, railings and handles, etc. It should be made mandatory by government health authorities to use the Smittstopp spray in public areas like train and bus terminals, shopping malls, public libraries, all schools and educational institutions etc. This will ensure the safety of the people.

In the past, people were not really aware of what is a pandemic. But today there is a huge amount of information that is available on the subject and awareness of measures against it has spread globally. In any case, it is the responsibility of the individual to maintain a very high standard of personal hygiene. Steps must be taken to avoid crowded areas, wash one’s hands regularly, wear face masks and be on the look out for symptoms.