Preparing for the Pandemic with Courage and Wit

The rapidly spreading swine flu has created fear and panic among the masses globally. Where some prefer to stay indoors, others move out only with mask as a protection from the virus. Busy streets suddenly seem to have slowed down as people are avoiding public contact. With schools closing the gates we hardly see anyone on the road.

Fear can never help us fight the swine flu. One has to prepare for the pandemic with courage and wit. Although this flu has claimed several lives globally, it still can be controlled. Observing few preventive measures will protect you against the pandemic and still keep you in good health.

H1N1 being one of most contagious virus, can easily spread among masses. Wearing mask or staying indoors will not do much to keep you away from this threatening flu. With the illness spreading randomly, one has high chances of getting it anyway. In such an outbreak, one has to fight back the virus with determination and wit.

Following the right preventive measures, will certainly prepare you to stay away from this illness. Swine flu is curable, however if the affected person has many other health complications, it may get difficult for him to survive. Washing hands, maintaining cleanliness, eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of warm water, gargling twice a day and getting enough sleep is what one should follow in order to keep the virus at bay.

Most people who succumbed to the pandemic either had other health complications or had very low immunity levels. Indulging in a diet that can boost your immunity level will help you fight the virus bravely. Avoid drinking cold liquids as it can make you vulnerable to the virus. Relying on mask alone may not be of great help.

Although the demand for N95 mask is high, it still does not have the power to keep you away from the virus. Apart from affected people, if you get in contact with the things that already has the virus present on it, you too are going to be affected by swine flu. In such a scenario no matter how much preventive measures you take, you still become a victim of the flu.

With the virus quickly spreading, a need for strong medication and disinfectants to kill the virus is felt. In this time of fear and panic, a Swedish invention came out as a solution for the pandemic. Smittstopp, a well tested product is a spray that contains the right ingredients that detect and kill the virus.

This product can be sprayed on anything or place where there are high chances of the virus to accumulate. Be it door handles, switch board, taps, washroom, furniture, office desk, you can spray Smittstopp and put your worries to an end. On spraying Smittstopp, a thin layer of positively charged film is formed that attracts the negatively charged microorganisms and virus and instantly kills them.

Smittstopp when used on a cleaner surface works wonders. Cleanliness along with use of Smittstopp will certainly help you fight the pandemic. This invention is made with the help of non – ionic surfactants, salts, Cationic polymers and PHMB. The thin layer left behind is made of cationic polymer that is positively charged and of food grade quality. Normal disinfectants are anionic (negatively charged) and thus they cannot prevent the growth of virus.

Smittstopp liquid lasts long on the surface and offers long term protection from the virus. Don’t wait to fall sick and then act, instead, prepare yourself for the pandemic and fight it with courage and wit. Fear and panic will only take you close to the pandemic. Thus forget worrying and bring home the all new “Smittstopp” that works as the perfect shield against the virus.