Preparation for Pandemic Flu

H1N1 is a new influenza virus which is causing respiratory illness in people. It was first detected in March 2009 and since then, has spread to 74 countries worldwide in all continents except Antarctica and has resulted in many hospitalizations and deaths. The World Health Organization has declared it a global pandemic. Humans have no immunity against this virus because it has strains of human, avian and pig influenza in it. It is feared that the virus may mutate further in the coming months and there might be a surge in the number of people falling prey to this deadly virus.

The current forecast is that this virus may kill 2 to 7 million people worldwide in the near future. The fast spread of this virus can be contributed to the fact that there is global trade which requires frequent travel to and from the place where the pandemic began. So the virus and the disease have crossed all borders and the flu has managed to disrupt public life all over the globe. Preparation for pandemic flu is required at all levels with a cooperative plan which involves and helps the entire human population.

Effective steps should be taken to manage situations when there might be a huge number of people not reporting to work because of the flu or to take care of someone at home down with flu or to avoid getting it. Schools, offices, transport systems might be badly affected by the health risk to the work force in these sectors. At the basic household level, care should be exercised by all individuals to maintain personal hygiene and keep the surroundings clean. This virus spreads via cough drops released during coughing or sneezing. It can also be contracted by touching the nose or mouth after touching objects and surfaces touched by an affected person.

Affected persons should always sneeze or cough into a tissue or their sleeves and the tissues should be carefully disposed of. They should also be kept in isolation. All other family members should take care to wash their hands frequently and use a disinfectant to keep homes clean. Smittstopp is an effective solution which can replace even the best disinfectant with the guarantee of a germ free environment.

All virus and germs are negatively charged. Smittstop, when sprayed on any surface, forms and invisible film of positively charged cationic polymers. This film attracts all the viruses which stick to it and then die. It is a strong scientific solution which can combat any virus and can make preparation for pandemic flu somewhat simpler for us.

Smittstopp is water resistant also. This means that it is more cost effective than other disinfectants. A simple surgical mask can be treated with Smittstopp and it becomes as good as a surgical mask or a respirator recommended to avoid the airborne swine flu virus. Just one spray and a wipe is all that is needed to form the miraculous polymer film. It can be easily used on common surfaces like door knobs, toilets, workstations, desks, kitchen counters, public transport vehicles and even clothes. It can help at all places which are feared to be the breeding ground for germs and viruses, like schools, offices, malls, theatres, clinics and hospitals.