N95 Masks – The Need of hour

These days whoever you come across seems to be either looking out for a N95 mask or is already geared up with it. N95 masks have become the need of the hour with thousands already succumbing to swine flu or many still battling with it.
Cloth and surgical masks are not offering much protection; people are urged to use N95 masks. These masks, it is claimed give highest protection then any other mask for now. People are thronging in large numbers to medical stores to buy these masks only to come back disappointed, as they are either not available or sold at exorbitant prices. Though N95 masks are made to look like the only way to protect yourself, the question whether it offers complete protection from the pandemic still lies unanswered.

Experts are still debating over the usefulness of N95 masks or its credibility in fighting the flu. However, people are using it to battle swine flu. Though it meets the medical standards and assures highest protection, there is no evidence that it can keep the contagious virus from coming to you.
These masks have a life span after which they are of no use to fight the virus. Swine flu virus can rapidly spread and infect large number of people. With the outbreak termed as a pandemic, the risk of we being the next victim always remains.

Though people are using N95 masks, their fear shows no sign of receding as the death toll across the world is rising. Although there are large numbers of survivors, people still want to protection from it.

There is no 100% guarantee of the N95 masks working effectively against the swine flu; however, there is some hope of protection from a Swedish invention. Smittstop is a Swedish discovery that is H1N1 tested and has the power to protect you from the virus.

Smittstop is a liquid product that is no ordinary disinfectant. Made with combination of salts, PHMB, and cationic polymers, Smittstop is known to attract and kill every virus and bacteria. Unlike micro organisms, this product is positively charged and thus attracts them. They can then be eliminated. Where ordinary cleaners fail to curb the virus, Smitttstopp assures complete and long term protection from the pandemic.

Smitttstopp can be sprayed on anything. It binds well with any material and stays there for long to offer you protection from the virus. Once you spray the liquid it will leave behind a thin layer of positively charged molecules and show instant results against the negatively charged organisms. When used on cleaner surface, Smittstop shows far better results. Make sure you clean the surface and then spray Smittstop and relieve yourself from the fear of swine flu.

Smittstop means, “end the spread of disease” in Swedish. Just like its name, this product helps in eradicating the virus. Proper use of the same can put the pandemic to an end. This easy to use product is nothing less than a blessing in times where entire world is battling the threatening swine flu.

If you too are hooked on to your N95 masks make sure you spray Smittstop on it so it works like a double protection. Swine flu can be controlled with proper preventive measures. Smittstop is nothing less than the biggest preventive measure. So put your worries to an end and get Smittstop to assure complete protection for you and your family.