Information and awareness on what is a Pandemic.

A Pandemic is an outbreak of a disease throughout the world. This happens due to the appearance of a new strain of virus that spreads easily from one person to another because there is very little or no immunity at all against this virus. Pandemics are therefore different from “epidemics” or seasonal outbreaks of flu.

The outbreaks that are seasonal are due to subtypes of the flu virus that generally circulates between people. The Pandemic outbreak is due to a new subtype that has never circulated among the people before or for a very long time. These pandemics cause illness and even death apart from economic loss and social disruption.

The various stages of a pandemic are: Phase 1 in which no new strain of the influenza virus is detected in people though they are present in animal. The risk of infection is low.

Phase 2 in which an animal influenza virus that is circulating could pose a risk.

Phase 3 in which there is new subtypes infecting humans but contamination between humans is rare.

Phase 4 – here there are small clusters with a limited transmission from person to person though the virus is not adapted to people.

Phase 5 in which there are larger clusters where the virus gets more adapted to humans but transmission and spread is localized. There is a risk of a pandemic in this case. Phase 6 is the pandemic period where there is an increase in the transmission and the general population is infected.

Every individual has to make sure that he or she takes the steps that are necessary to avoid being infected. Apart from the usual measures, one should use the Smittstopp spray which is very effective in killing the viruses. This spray acts like a cleaner – removing all grease, fats and dirt, a disinfectant as well as destroys microorganisms. Working on the principle of “electrostatic attraction”, this spray coats the surface material with a layer of cationic (positively charged) polymer that in turn, attracts the anionic (negatively charged) viruses and bacteria to it and proceeds to destroy them instantly.

Care should be taken not to re-spray the Smittstopp sprayed surface with a common spray since most ordinary sprays are negatively charged and this will neutralize the effect.

The Smittstopp spray guarantees a long term protection and as tests have proved, clothes that have been sprayed with this spray have still retained the effect after almost 20 washes! It is therefore essential to spray all personal items like jewelry, handbags, watches, keys and cell phones etc that are being constantly touched and could get infected, with the Smittstopp spray.

Health authorities should make it a point that all public areas like toilets and terminals etc. should be sprayed to reduce the risk of infection. Schools and educational institutions can be kept safe by spraying all door knobs, handles, railings, taps, switches, table tops etc.

Information and awareness on what is a pandemic is available on the internet and it is a responsible person who takes advantage of this and puts into practice all the necessary measures to reduce risk of infection. Early detection of the swine flu symptoms that include fever, vomiting, sore throat, fatigue, diarrhea and acute breathing and respiratory disorders, etc will help recovery and cure of the disease. Because of the differences and sizes of pandemics, it is essential that plans for preparedness activities be undertaken on priority in various areas of medication and vaccine, distribution of drugs and vaccines, research and development of anti-virals, stock piling etc.