Information about the spanish influenza graph

The Spanish influenza has become a danger in the recent years and has made it’s victim within a large number of populations. According to the editorial published in the Science Express, the Spanish influenza can also be found in birds. The Spanish flu graph is increasing day by day. The Spanish influenza graph of the year 1918 shows that about 20 to 40 million people were killed due to Spanish influenza in the whole world out of which around 500,000 people were from USA. The researchers who brought this Spanish influenza graph in front of people were lead by two men namely late Don Wiley of Harvard University and Sir John Skehel of the Medical Research Council of London .

In their research they have also pointed the reason that is responsible for infection of the human cell which ultimately leads to manifestation of Spanish influenza in human beings. The Spanish influenza affects generally young generation as most of the old people develop immunity against virus which is responsible for the Spanish flu. The Spanish influenza graph shows that a large number of young people have died due to this disease.

The scientist have studied the viral DNA sequences by getting the infected tissues from the bodies of the American soldiers who died from the Spanish influenza and from the body of a Intuit woman as the Spanish influenza virus is now no more found. According to the research the hemagglutinin protein which is active in the first stage of viral infection bind to receptors on the surface of the cell allowing the pores to give way to the virus to enter the human cells. There is great difference between the cell receptors of the human and the bird through which viruses enter the cell.

Although a number of scientist do not believe that the Spanish influenza has any relation with the birds while others postulate that it is a avian flu virus. A lot of scientist considered it as a deadly disease which can kill a large number of populations if not stopped quickly. The same fear was also pointed by the UNFAO, the WHO and the World Organization for Animal Health . According to these organizations the Spanish influenza can become a risk for the life of both human and birds. In Asian nations killing of the poultry birds in large scale is the best way to stop the dangers of this disease.

The Spanish influenza spreads very fast if an infected bird comes in contact with another healthy bird. It has also been proved that the deadly disease of 1957 and 1968 were due to the combination of human and animal viruses that somehow produced hybrids. In the year 1997 in Hong Kong people who got infected with H5N1 were found to have a direct relation with infected birds.

Thus the graph based on Spanish influenza graph shows that there has been a huge loss to the live of human beings because of this disease. Today there is a global disease-surveillance system which makes people of the whole world aware if there are any symptoms of H5N1. A lot of medicines and treatment are available today to cope with the Spanish influenza in absence of which so many deaths took place in the last few decades.