How to prepare yourself for pandemic flu

When there is a global outbreak of a new virus which people have little or no immunity, it is called a pandemic. The H1N1 virus, known more commonly as swine flu, emerged in April 2009. First seen in the United States, this pandemic spread to Mexico, Canada and has now come to India. As research continues all over the world to develop a vaccine to immunize all to this flu, preparations for pandemic flu planning are an ongoing activity in most countries. But what if your region is one of the places where this virus has already made its presence? The H1N1 virus can affect anybody, irrespective of their age, background or location. Starting off with the symptoms of a regular flu, H1N1 can be lethal if not detected in time.

In order to prepare yourself from a pandemic, you need to get all the information you can gather about it from a reliable source. In case of the swine flu virus, you need to ensure that you stay indoors in case you have fever for at least 24 hours or until the fever subsides. Avoid crowded places and use masks if you are in a public place. Wash your hands frequent and sanitize them with an alcohol based sanitizer frequently. If the flu symptoms persist for longer than three days, visit your medical practitioner and get yourself tested for swine flu.

It is also important to maintain a positive outlook as experts and governments all across the world are taking measures to control the pandemic and develop a vaccine. Staying physically active and mentally strong helps in boosting your immunity system and with by taking proper care you can protect yourself from this deadly virus.

In these hard times, Smittstopp has come up with a powerful sanitizer and reusable face mask that help in keeping swine flu at bay. You can begin your pandemic flu planning well before it is implemented by your state’s government. The Smittstopp spray is revolutionary as it acts as a disinfectant and kills bacteria all in 1 second.

Using cationic polymers as its base, this spray binds on to any surface that it is sprayed on. Aimed at providing long term protection, this spray leaves a thin molecular layer of cationic polymer on the surface which it is sprayed on, attracting the virus and bacteria to the surface and then kills it immediately on contact. You can also use this spray on your hands. Non-toxic in nature, this spray breaks and then kills the virus when you rub your hands. You can protect your clothes from getting contaminated by using this disinfectant in your washing machine and protect your clothes to almost up to 20 washes form this deadly virus.

By using Smittstopp in your cleaning instead of the regular cleaner, you can protect your staircase, handles, door handles, door knobs, switches, taps etc from being the nesting place of the virus. As contamination can take place from these areas, using Smittstopp is advised on these surfaces at regular intervals.

Preparedness is one of the strongest weapons that one can have to face a pandemic. Exercising caution and taking all the necessary steps to prevent contamination is the way forward at trying times such as now.