Flu incubation – The Uncertain Phase

The outbreak of swine flu has taken more than thousands of life and infected large number of people. Some who succumbed to the pandemic failed to show any signs of flu, while most experienced the symptoms much later. Just like the virus the fear among humans is also getting contagious and many are now paranoid of the same. People are flocking outside hospitals and test centers to get an assurance that they are fine and that the swine flu virus has not taken over them. With no correct swine flu incubation period known, it gets a bit difficult to diagnose a person and the only way to do it is by taking swab test. More over with the flu symptoms being similar to the ordinary one, detection takes time.

The incubation period for regular flu is not more than 2 to 4 days while for swine flu it can range between 5 to 7 days. It is said that the flu like symptoms may not be seen in the first 2 to 3 days and one may not realize if he/she is infected with the virus. There have been cases where few people were tested positive even before they could show the flu symptoms. With fears of large number of people being infected, the government and health officials’ world wide are facing a tough time. Swine flu symptoms are similar to ordinary flu that includes, coughing, sneezing, chills, headaches, body pain, fever, vomiting, and drowsiness.
Swine flu being a pandemic puts large numbers of people at risk of being its victim. The fear factor is bound to trouble the masses as there is no solution till now to battle the virus and kill it forever. However as a preventive measure, we are lucky enough to have found a product that can offer complete protection. Smittstop is a liquid spray invented by the Swedish that work like a guard and protect you and your family. This H1N1 tested liquid has no side effects and can be used on any material. Made with PHMB, salts and cationic polymers, smittstop offers highest protection.

Smittstop is made with positively charged molecules as against negatively charged micro organism. Being positively charged helps this product to instantly attract the virus and kill it in seconds. Smittstop binds well with any material and sustains underwater as well. You can easily spray it on furniture, clothes, washrooms, working desk, taps, doors and places where the virus may flourish. Using the product on cleaner surface will offer 100 percent protection.

On spraying smittstop a thin layer of polymer is left behind that helps in keeping the virus away for a long time. As virus easily spreads through air, one can’t merely rely on masks, and other measures. Using a product that can detect the virus and kill it is what we need as an assurance to shun the flu. You can also spray it on masks and clothes when stepping out to have a double shield to guard you against the virus.

It is always better to be prepared to face the pandemic. Along with other preventive measures, make sure you use smittstop and lead a carefree life. As the exact swine flu incubation period is still uncertain, it is best to stay on safer side and not let even ordinary flu infect you. Bring home smittstop the one solution that can fight every virus and bacteria to help you lead a healthy life.