Can medical masks offer protection from swine flu?

Open any newspaper to find out about the current state of swine flu pandemic and we would find people wearing face masks looking back with a hint of worry in their eyes. The outbreak of swine flu has caused a lot of concern in the minds of all, around the world. People on their way to work, in crowded subways or even while walking dogs or jogging can be seen wearing medical masks. There are residents who have been stocking up face masks. However, are medical masks of any help in protecting us from swine flu? This is one thing that needs to be understood and a decision on using the mask taken.

Swine flu is contagious. It spreads mainly when an infected person comes in contact or you touch something that has been used by that person. When a person suffering from swine flu sneezes or coughs the virus spreads through the droplets. If you are within a distance of 3 feet you may catch the virus and may be infected.

Similarly another point to remember is that if a person sneezes into his hands and touches any object the virus is transferred to that object. Now if you touch that object and then touch your face then you are vulnerable to the infection. Personal hygiene habits like washing hands and use of clean tissues every time are helpful in preventing easy spread of virus. Precautionary measures are what we can use to prevent infection.

One of the common features of this pandemic is the use of medical masks. Many people in all countries are using these masks to protect themselves. Nevertheless, are these masks the answer or solution to the problem? It is not entirely possible to stop the virus from spreading even when you are using a medical mask. However, it offers some protection if you are using the right mask. At the same time you cannot be safe just because you are wearing a mask in a highly crowded place.

Moreover, it also depends on what type of mask you are using. There are soft, loose fitting surgical or medical masks as well as form fitting masks known as the N-95 respirators made from spun plastic fiber. The medical masks generally are used to protect others from the cough spray of the wearer. The respirators on the other hand can filter about 95 percent of tiny particles including the influenza viruses.

Whichever type of medical masks you use they have to be worn properly and consistently. You cannot rely on the masks to prevent spread of the virus entirely. Measures like washing hands regularly, staying away from sick people, avoiding crowded places are a part of the preventive steps. Similarly, even if you are wearing the mask but have not covered both your mouth and nose properly, in that case infection may be possible. There is limited evidence to prove that medical masks are a great protection against swine flu. However, it does help in cutting the risk if you are wearing them correctly and consistently in combination with other measures. You may find very good quality medical masks on Disposable masks are preferable than washable ones and often cost much less.

It is very important to understand that only using medical masks cannot help prevent infection entirely. Unless there is careful, correct and consistent use of the masks you are not entirely safe from the virus. However, using it does help make you feel safer and largely in control.

Flu incubation – time when one can develop the symptoms

With the spread of swine flu, most people are either surfing the net or meeting experts to know what the exact flu incubation period is. Although swine flu is curable, no one wants to face the dilemma. Some victims of swine flu hardly experienced any symptoms but tested positive for the H1N1 test. As per the experts, a person may develop symptoms well after being infected with the flu. Normally the ordinary or regular flu has about 48 hours of incubation period but it may also take 5 days. The swine flu incubation period can range between 2 to 7 days and it is not yet known what exact time is taken for the virus to incubate in the human body.

So far swine flu has killed thousands of people across the globe spreading panic and fear amongst the masses. You can see people taking efforts to fight the flu but at the same time they fear if they could be the next victim. It is advisable to keep a close eye on symptoms for at least a week. People who were successful in detecting the virus at an early stage found it easy to fight the virus. If you find any flu like symptoms that include, headaches, fever, sore throat, coughing, cold, drowsiness, fatigue or vomiting you should not delay in visiting a doctor.

Just like the ordinary flu, it does not take time for swine flu to spread. Coughing and sneezing help the flu germs spread in the air, passing it on to several people. Swine flu virus can stay on any surface or thing and if you get in contact with it, you can be its next prey. Taking precautionary measures like using a disinfectant to wash hands, staying away from public places, boosting the immune system and maintaining hygiene should be followed.

Along with these preventive measures one can also opt for a product that can offer them complete protection against the flu. Smittstopp, a Swedish invention is made with much care and study to combat the flu. This product is H1N1 tested and the results have been outstanding. This product puts an end to the further development of swine flu virus that can settle on any surface.

Smittstopp is a spray that can be used on anything where there is a risk of virus. Be it furniture, desk, clothes, masks, toilets, taps, handles and places you frequently visit or touch can be sprayed with Smittstopp to kill the virus. Smittstopp is made with help of cationic polymers, salts and PHMB. All these molecules are positively charged as against negatively charged microorganisms. This helps the product to instantly detect and attract the virus to kill it within seconds. On spraying smittstopp a thin layer is formed that stays for long to offer long term protection.

Smittstopp when used on cleaner surface offers better protection. Spraying it on unhygienic place can act like a hindrance and may not allow the product to give 100 percent results. This product binds well with all materials including clothes and is waterproof. Thus with use of smittstopp you can stay fearless of flu infecting you. Spraying smittstopp on masks will also increase protection. This liquid product for now is the only product that can offer instant protection against the widely spread swine flu.

As the flu incubation period is still uncertain, the best way to stay secure is by using a product that works as a strong shield against the virus. So what are you waiting for bring home smittstopp and get prepared to combat the disease.

Understanding the best liquid antibacterial soap

A lot of liquid antibacterial soaps are available today in the market which has been examined in terms of safety and effectiveness by the panel of Food and Drug Administration. Liquid antibacterial soaps have also been examined by the American Medical Association and several other scientists and they have also not fully approved these liquid antibacterial soaps. According to them there is no proof that liquid antibacterial soaps that are being sold are effective in stopping infection better than a general liquid soap.

There are also chances of that antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains might mutate out due to excess use of liquid antibacterial soaps. It is also recommended by FDA to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers instead of liquid antibacterial soap that is available with triclosan, an antibacterial additive used in hard soap containing triclocarban. However the manufacturers of the liquid antibacterial soap deny these types of problems in their products. A second school of thought claims that the bacterial resistance to antibiotics does not increases because of regular use of liquid antibacterial soap.

In contradiction to popular belief a large number of individuals do not believe that a liquid antibacterial soap is more effective in the reducing the frequency of infection in comparison to a regular soap. However Proponents of liquid antibacterial soaps claim that the germs are not killed by regular soaps but are drained off or stick with the towel when the hands are made dry with the help of towel, whereas the liquid antibacterial soap kills approximately all of the germs that and there. Generally the best liquid antibacterial soaps are used in hospital or places where it is necessary to maintain hygiene.

Requirement of the best liquid antibacterial soap

A research conducted in the US market shows that about 72 percent of the liquid soaps in the market are available with some sort of antibacterial contents in them, But the studies show that people using the antibacterial soaps suffer from various types of problem such as runny nose, fever, sore throat, cough and other symptoms in a similar fashion to individuals who use regular soaps. It is also said by the traditional medical experts that children develop great immune system if they have been exposed to common bacterias in the beginning of their childhood. On the other hand children who used liquid antibacterial soap in their early childhood have more risk of getting inclined towards asthma and allergies.

So the use of liquid antibacterial soap is not appreciated by many health organizations. But the producers of these liquid antibacterial soaps try to attract the consumers by advertising controversial short term gains of these liquid antibacterial soaps. It is important that the people should keep their eyes open when buying the liquid antibacterial soaps.

Individuals are advised to use a general liquid soap which is free from chemicals and also easily available in the local market. These soaps are also capable in removing almost all of the bacteria from the body of a person. Any deviation from normal health depends on the lifestyle of a person which he chooses in terms of sleep, food, exercises and other activities.

It is also necessary to wash hands whenever it is needed for the maintenance of healthy immune system.

Hence a person looking for the best liquid antibacterial soap should keep the above things in mind before shelling out his hard earned money.

Flu incubation – The Uncertain Phase

The outbreak of swine flu has taken more than thousands of life and infected large number of people. Some who succumbed to the pandemic failed to show any signs of flu, while most experienced the symptoms much later. Just like the virus the fear among humans is also getting contagious and many are now paranoid of the same. People are flocking outside hospitals and test centers to get an assurance that they are fine and that the swine flu virus has not taken over them. With no correct swine flu incubation period known, it gets a bit difficult to diagnose a person and the only way to do it is by taking swab test. More over with the flu symptoms being similar to the ordinary one, detection takes time.

The incubation period for regular flu is not more than 2 to 4 days while for swine flu it can range between 5 to 7 days. It is said that the flu like symptoms may not be seen in the first 2 to 3 days and one may not realize if he/she is infected with the virus. There have been cases where few people were tested positive even before they could show the flu symptoms. With fears of large number of people being infected, the government and health officials’ world wide are facing a tough time. Swine flu symptoms are similar to ordinary flu that includes, coughing, sneezing, chills, headaches, body pain, fever, vomiting, and drowsiness.
Swine flu being a pandemic puts large numbers of people at risk of being its victim. The fear factor is bound to trouble the masses as there is no solution till now to battle the virus and kill it forever. However as a preventive measure, we are lucky enough to have found a product that can offer complete protection. Smittstop is a liquid spray invented by the Swedish that work like a guard and protect you and your family. This H1N1 tested liquid has no side effects and can be used on any material. Made with PHMB, salts and cationic polymers, smittstop offers highest protection.

Smittstop is made with positively charged molecules as against negatively charged micro organism. Being positively charged helps this product to instantly attract the virus and kill it in seconds. Smittstop binds well with any material and sustains underwater as well. You can easily spray it on furniture, clothes, washrooms, working desk, taps, doors and places where the virus may flourish. Using the product on cleaner surface will offer 100 percent protection.

On spraying smittstop a thin layer of polymer is left behind that helps in keeping the virus away for a long time. As virus easily spreads through air, one can’t merely rely on masks, and other measures. Using a product that can detect the virus and kill it is what we need as an assurance to shun the flu. You can also spray it on masks and clothes when stepping out to have a double shield to guard you against the virus.

It is always better to be prepared to face the pandemic. Along with other preventive measures, make sure you use smittstop and lead a carefree life. As the exact swine flu incubation period is still uncertain, it is best to stay on safer side and not let even ordinary flu infect you. Bring home smittstop the one solution that can fight every virus and bacteria to help you lead a healthy life.

Are you wearing the right safety masks to protect yourself from swine flu?

Swine flu has now been declared a global pandemic. Spreading rapidly across the world, swine flu was first detected and recognized in the United States in April 2009. It then affected Mexico and Canada and is quite rapidly taking the world in its clutch. The World Health Organization called it a “public health emergency of international concern” gauging its seriousness.

Swine flu can affect people irrespective of their age, sex, background or location. It can also lead to a serious collapse or complete shutdown of the public system, as it happened in Mexico, because of its contagious nature. If untreated or not treated in time, swine flu can lead to death due to respiratory failure or pneumonia.

Swine flu symptoms are similar to those of the human influenza virus. Symptoms include fever, chills, headaches, sore throat, chest congestion, and body aches etc. Sometimes symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea have also been noted amongst people infected with swine flu. It has been seen that people affected by swine flu deteriorate consistently over the first 48 hours and can show two or more of the mentioned symptoms. It is advised to meet your medical practitioner immediately if you show any of the above symptoms.

Swine flu can be diagnosed through a swab test collected during the first five days of contacting the virus and is considered to me most contagious during the first five days of the illness. This period can also extend to almost ten days especially in the case of young children and old people.

Swine flu transmission occurs through coughing and sneezing or by touching surfaces that has the virus on it and then touching your own nose or mouth. Better hygiene and caution are the only preventive methods that we have to protect ourselves from swine flu in the absence of a preventive vaccine. It is advised to wash hands frequently with soap and use an alcohol based sanitizer to prevent bacteria transmission.

You can also avoid public places or large gatherings in case of a swine flu scare. It is also advised to use safety masks while heading out. Though there are a number of disposable and surgical masks available in the market today, the government medical bodies across the world recommend the use of respirators. These respirators are made of many layers of spun plastic fibers that manage to keep bacteria and viruses from entering your system.

Along with doing all of the above, you could also invest in the revolutionary Smittstopp spray that has come as a savior in these troubled times. Spraying Smittstopp on the outer surface of your respirator ensures that the virus and bacteria that settles on your masks surface are killed immediately.

Smittstopp has hard binding cationic polymers that form a long lasting thin molecular film on any surface that it is sprayed on. Cationic polymers have positively charged ions that attract the bacteria and virus to it and then kill it immediately. This spray can be used for your cleaning purposes and also as a hand sanitizer.

Acting with responsibly and exercising caution are the best tools to be used in case of a pandemic situation. Exercise caution and stay well.

Define “Pandemic”

How does one define “Pandemic”? A Pandemic is an epidemic that has spread beyond all expectations and out of control! A Pandemic is the outbreak of a disease worldwide. This happens when there is a new strain of influenza A that strikes the human population which has very little or perhaps no immunity against this virus.

The illness spreads rapidly and very easily from human to human all over the world. Usually when an influenza pandemic strikes, it is most often inevitable that the virus affects all places in the world, making human beings susceptible to the disease, even if countries take global measures to control travel and other precautions to delay the contagion.

Health authorities through out the world should take adequate steps to protect the people. Medication, and other facilities like medical equipment, ventilators, hospital beds, should be in stock as the demand for these will be huge considering the large amount of people who will get infected with the swine flu virus

The Smittstopp spray is one in a million! This wonderful and effective spray does destroy harmful and dangerous viruses and bacteria in the environment. Once it is sprayed on almost any surface, it bonds well and when it dries, it leaves a coating of cationic polymer that is positively charged behind.

This layer attracts the negatively charged microorganisms – anionic viruses and bacteria – to it and kills them instantly. This spray works on the principle of “electrostatic attraction”. The Smittstopp spray does not allow the viruses to breed or spread, thus making surfaces germ free.

One should spray all surfaces that are most likely to get contaminated like table tops, switches, door handles and knobs, taps, lift doors, banister railings, etc. Public places like toilets, shopping malls, libraries, hotels, motels and restaurants, pubs, schools and other educational institutions should be sprayed with this spray to reduce the risk of swine flu infection.

Personal items like keys, cell phones, hand bags, purses, spectacles and items of jewelry can be also sprayed with the Smittstopp spray. After tests, it was proved that this spray has a long term protection.

Clothes that have been sprayed were washed over 20 times and found to still be effective in keeping the virus at bay. Common cleaners that are negatively charged should not be sprayed on top of the Smittstopp sprayed surface as this will neutralize the electrostatic attraction of the cationic polymer.

If one has to define “Pandemic” one has to first understand the meaning of the word “epidemic”. An epidemic is a disease that spreads quickly at a very fast rate during a particular period in a particular place or area. The rate at which the disease spreads is much quicker than expected. When this epidemic then infects huge populations across nations it is called a pandemic.

It is obvious that every individual has to be responsible and sensible during a pandemic and take all precautionary measures to curb the infection. A strict lookout for symptoms will be necessary. These symptoms include fever, persistent vomiting, body ache and headache, sore throat, breathing difficulties, diarrhea etc. Once detected, medication should be administered and if necessary hospitalization and use of a ventilator is recommended. Early detection of symptoms and use of anti viral drugs etc will help in recovery and cure.