The flu infant is vulnerable!

One worries about the fact that the flu infant is vulnerable owing to the verification of swine flu death tolls reaching new heights in every country! The threat of a swine flu pandemic is very real. While Health Authorities and governments all over the world are doing their best to curb the outbreak it is fact that this new strain of the Influenza A H1N1 virus has infected mostly young people – from toddlers to young adults – who seem to have no or very little immunity against this disease.

The infant is truly vulnerable because of low immunity to the new strain of influenza virus. In children the warning signs to be on the lookout for are: rapid or fast breathing, trouble in breathing, a bluish colored skin, refusing to drink any fluids, a lethargic attitude and listlessness, bring extremely irritable, persistent fever and cough etc. These symptoms if detected should prompt immediate action and the child needs immediate and urgent medical attention.

Even though Tamiflu can be bought as syrup, it is not approved for children under the age of 12 months or a year. The Food and Drug Administration has approved Tamiflu for the swine flu infant under the “Emergency Use Authorization”. Dosages differ for infants less than 3 months to 11 months. Tamiflu must be started within 48 hours of the child over 12 months developing the symptoms. This is not for infants under three months. Relenza is recommended as treatment for children who are at least 7 years of age.

All efforts have to be made to see that surfaces are kept free of viruses. The swine flu virus can easily contaminate surfaces and infants are exposed to great risks of infection. Therefore it is recommended that the Smittstopp spray is used on all types of surfaces. This spray adheres strongly to the surface and leaves behind a layer of cationic polymer that is positively charged.

This layer then attracts the negatively charged microorganisms that are anionic viruses and bacteria to it and proceeds to kill them in a second. The spray therefore works on the principle of electrostatic attraction. The Smittstopp spray must be used in all public places like hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, shopping centers, libraries, schools, colleges and other likely places. Taps, door knobs, lift buttons, table tops, switches, railings and other places that are being constantly touched by children and adults should be kept virus free by spraying their surfaces with the Smittstopp spray. Personal items like mobile phones, keys, bags and purses, and even items of jewelry and clothing can be sprayed with this wonder spray.

What better way to stop the viruses and bacteria from spreading than to use the Smittstopp spray! Reduce all risks of infection by making sure the sprayed surfaces are kept clean and not re-sprayed with other cleaners that are negatively charged and will neutralize the effect.

Remember the flu infant is vulnerable and every effort on our part to keep personal hygiene and the sanitization of the environment at the highest possible degree is to be made. Avoid all crowded areas as the swine flu virus is airborne and you are putting yourself and your infant at risk if you mingle in the crowds. A careless sneeze or cough that is not covered can be the cause of infection.