Swine flu prevention – Doing it the smart way

Swine flu has been a hot topic for many days now. When swine flu first broke out in Mexico, little did we know that it can turn into a pandemic? This virus managed to spread across several countries and took thousands of lives.

With situation getting tough it becomes essential to find ways that can help us combat the illness. Merely bringing life to stand still or staying at home will not do much to shun away the virus. Following preventive measures is essential, however doing it in a smart way is important. There are people who succumbed to swine flu despite taking measures.

Swine flu is a pandemic and several people can easily become its victim. This is a highly contagious virus which may affect you without even showing any symptoms at times. It can be tricky to known if a person is carrier of H1N1, as in some cases the signs are shown late.

Most people who are battling for their life due to swine flu can blame their immunity levels. Yes, if your immunity is not strong enough, the flu can easily knock you down. Thus, one of the most effective preventive measures is that one should eat plenty of fresh fruits and food items that boost immunity.

Avoiding public places and maintaining safe distance from sick people is certainly advisable; however there are few more things that needs to be taken care of. Wash your hands well with medicated soap or disinfectants thrice a day. Try and avoid eating out, or getting in touch with unknown people, as they could be carriers.

Pregnant ladies, old men and women and infants should take care, as they are easy targets for the swine flu virus. Apart from all this there is another smart and better way to prevent the flu from infecting you. Smittstopp, a liquid spray invented in Sweden, has the power to fight the virus in an efficient manner.

Smittstopp is a H1N1 tested product that came out with marvelous results. This product being made with cationic polymer, PHMB and salts is positively charged that works against the negatively charged microorganisms. Unlike other cleaners that help virus/bacteria flourish it is negatively charged, smittstopp is far ahead and is nothing less than a poison to the swine flu virus.

This product can be sprayed on doors, desk, handles, latrines, furniture, and clothes and on anything and everything where there are chances of the virus to grow. This product binds well with the surface and makes sure you get complete protection from the swine flu for a long term.

Smittstopp is one easiest and effective preventive measure that can give lasting results. This spray does not let the virus grow, instead kills it and makes sure it does not come back. Make sure you use smittstopp on cleaner surface to get the maximum benefit. Using it on already unclean surface will work as a hindrance to the product. Smittstopp is medically tested and has no side effects. You can certainly bring home this promising product and guard your family against the swine flu virus.

Eating fruits is certainly healthy for the body, but is not the only preventive measure to fight the pandemic. Why compromise on your life when you can get a product that can work like a shield against the swine flu virus from harming you.