Do Swine Diseases affect humans?

The question that is uppermost in people’s minds is “Do Swine Diseases affect humans?” The first time human influenza was related to swine influenza was during the flu pandemic in 1918 when it was found that humans and pigs fell sick at the same time. It was later in 1930 that an influenza virus was identified as the cause of a disease in swine. In the 60 years that followed, strains of swine influenza were mostly H1N1. It was after that in 1997 – 2002, that different subtypes and genotypes emerged as new strains.

One of the descendants of the 1918 flu pandemic is the H1N1 swine flu. Throughout the 20th century, there have been influenza epidemics. However, it is known that a direct transmission of this disease to humans from pigs is quite rare. It is important to keep the human immunity to the strains of influenza strong so that in case pigs retain influenza strains they might act as reservoirs and later re-infect human beings.

The 2009 flu pandemic has the H1N1 viral which is called “swine flue” because testing initially showed genes that were of a similar type to the influenza virus that normally occurred in swine in North America. But later research [proved that the influenza outbreak was due to a strain of H1N1 that was new and not reported previously in pigs.

As it is an international concern to keep the surroundings clean and germ free, many countries are doing their best to plan campaigns that include measures to keep humans safe from this deadly virus that has proved fatal to many. One of the measures is to sanitize the surrounding areas so that they are free of viruses. The Smittstopp spray is one such product that helps to keep all surfaces clean and free of any microorganism or virus.

This spray has a triple action as it not only kills the viruses and bacteria but also disinfects and cleans the surface. When it is sprayed on the surface, it leaves behind a layer of cationic polymer that acts as flypaper that traps the viruses and bacteria and then proceeds to kill and destroy them instantly. This is a novel technology that involves electrostatic attraction. The cationic polymer is positively charged and the microorganisms are negatively charged, hence the attraction. Once the viruses and bacteria get stuck to the surface they are immediately destroyed and prevented from breeding, spreading and contaminating the environment.

The Smittstopp spray can be sprayed on all types of surfaces. The bonding is very strong and long lasting. The protection is complete and safe. When sprayed on clothes, it was found that the effect of the spray was not lost even after the clothes were washed more than 20 times. The spray can be used on surfaces that are usually touched very often like taps, switches, stair handles, knobs, banister railings, table tops, brushes, mobile phones etc. This ensures that these surfaces are safe from viruses.

It should be made mandatory to use the Smittstopp spray in places like clinics, bus stops, buses, hospitals, farms, equipment, machinery, and other public and private areas where it is likely that a person could get infected.

If you are a person who is asking the question “Do Swine Diseases affect humans?” you should put your fears away as it is very rare that transmission of the Influenza viruses will occur between humans and pigs. If transmission does take place it is known as “zoonotic” swine flu which rarely passes from person to person.