Can the Swine Flu outbreak cause a pandemic, epidemic?

Can the swine flu outbreak cause a pandemic, epidemic? The answer to that is “yes” if no proper precautionary measures are taken by the concerned Health Authorities of a country. It is a known fact that this virus spreads easily from person to person and several measures have to be taken to contain it. Hundreds of people keep travelling around the world and as people keep getting infected, it is most likely that the outbreak will cause a pandemic or an epidemic. Many countries are using technology at airports to spot people who are suspected cases and who have fever along with the other symptoms of H1N1 flu.

But even all this cannot stop the outbreak of swine flu effectively because an infected person generally shows the symptoms after five days or so, and the virus could spread before the symptoms even start! The main question is therefore “How efficiently can this virus spread?” This is why countries all over the world have plans for a pandemic or an epidemic. Vaccines, medication and drugs are being stocked and measures like social distancing – keeping away from crowded public areas – limiting all human contact, banning all social meetings and public gatherings, shutting down of schools and colleges etc are being carried out and found to be effective.

The fact that the Swine flu virus evolves constantly, by making changes to the surface proteins, causing infection is the biggest worry. Since these surface proteins evolve in different families, and the viruses swap genes and interbreed, there are chances of a new strain of flu virus picking up a new surface protein from both the bird or pig flu virus and then circulating in people. Immunity is out of the question as no one has been exposed to this virus before. This is how a pandemic or epidemic gets started.

One of the safest methods to curbing the infection is by keeping a very high standard of personal hygiene. The Smittstopp spray can help you in this. Once it is sprayed over a surface, the layer of cationic (positively charged) polymer that is left behind serves as a powerful magnet, attracting the anionic (negatively charged) viruses and bacteria/microorganisms. These microorganisms get stuck to the surface and get killed instantly before they can spread or breed. Thus, this can protect you from infections and also serves to keep the environment safe.

The Smittstopp spray has many advantages – it can be used as a cleaner that takes off all fats, grease and dirt, and it can also be used as a disinfectant besides killing all deadly viruses. It adheres strongly to any surface and gives a long term protection. One can even spray clothes with it, as the effects do not wear off after many washes. The spray should be mandatory in all public places like malls, clinics, hospitals, schools and other educational institutes, bus terminals, stations, libraries etc. The spray can also be used on personal items like keys, handbags, purses, cell phones, table tops, etc. Other surfaces like door knobs, banister railings, switches, buttons, taps etc should be kept free of viruses by spraying Smittstopp on it.

So if you are asking, “Can the swine flu outbreak cause a pandemic?” the answer is obvious – unless the virus is contained there is every chance that there will be a pandemic or epidemic! In fact the 1918 pandemic was due to the H1N1 flu virus even though its H surface proteins were from birds.