Flu incubation – time when one can develop the symptoms

With the spread of swine flu, most people are either surfing the net or meeting experts to know what the exact flu incubation period is. Although swine flu is curable, no one wants to face the dilemma. Some victims of swine flu hardly experienced any symptoms but tested positive for the H1N1 test. As per the experts, a person may develop symptoms well after being infected with the flu. Normally the ordinary or regular flu has about 48 hours of incubation period but it may also take 5 days. The swine flu incubation period can range between 2 to 7 days and it is not yet known what exact time is taken for the virus to incubate in the human body.

So far swine flu has killed thousands of people across the globe spreading panic and fear amongst the masses. You can see people taking efforts to fight the flu but at the same time they fear if they could be the next victim. It is advisable to keep a close eye on symptoms for at least a week. People who were successful in detecting the virus at an early stage found it easy to fight the virus. If you find any flu like symptoms that include, headaches, fever, sore throat, coughing, cold, drowsiness, fatigue or vomiting you should not delay in visiting a doctor.

Just like the ordinary flu, it does not take time for swine flu to spread. Coughing and sneezing help the flu germs spread in the air, passing it on to several people. Swine flu virus can stay on any surface or thing and if you get in contact with it, you can be its next prey. Taking precautionary measures like using a disinfectant to wash hands, staying away from public places, boosting the immune system and maintaining hygiene should be followed.

Along with these preventive measures one can also opt for a product that can offer them complete protection against the flu. Smittstopp, a Swedish invention is made with much care and study to combat the flu. This product is H1N1 tested and the results have been outstanding. This product puts an end to the further development of swine flu virus that can settle on any surface.

Smittstopp is a spray that can be used on anything where there is a risk of virus. Be it furniture, desk, clothes, masks, toilets, taps, handles and places you frequently visit or touch can be sprayed with Smittstopp to kill the virus. Smittstopp is made with help of cationic polymers, salts and PHMB. All these molecules are positively charged as against negatively charged microorganisms. This helps the product to instantly detect and attract the virus to kill it within seconds. On spraying smittstopp a thin layer is formed that stays for long to offer long term protection.

Smittstopp when used on cleaner surface offers better protection. Spraying it on unhygienic place can act like a hindrance and may not allow the product to give 100 percent results. This product binds well with all materials including clothes and is waterproof. Thus with use of smittstopp you can stay fearless of flu infecting you. Spraying smittstopp on masks will also increase protection. This liquid product for now is the only product that can offer instant protection against the widely spread swine flu.

As the flu incubation period is still uncertain, the best way to stay secure is by using a product that works as a strong shield against the virus. So what are you waiting for bring home smittstopp and get prepared to combat the disease.