Can you make antibacterial cleaner out of rubbing alcohol

Besides oral consumption in the form of breverages, there are numerous practical uses of alcohol in our daily life. however the most common form of alchohol that is used in breverages is ethyl alchohol or commonly known as ehanol. Another form of alcholol known as the rubbing alcohol is used industrialy. Chemically the rubbing alchohol is Isopropyl alcohol. The rubbing alcohol is used in cleaning electronic devices, in removing wax from the carpet, for erasing permanent markers and many more. It is used in making cheap ice packs also. Since Rubbing alchohol is cheap and easily available, many people wonder” can you make antibacterial cleaner out of rubbing alcohol?”

The facts that one must ponder upon when considering this alternative are:

1. The rubbing alcohol is a good alternative against harmful chemicals that are used in the making of antibacterial cleaner.

2. To prepare antibacterial cleaner out of rubbing alcohol is not very hard as many people think for it.

3. A lot of ways are there to make antibacterial cleaner out of a rubbing alcohol.

The antibacterial cleaners are made from various chemicals that are capable of killing different types of bacteria. The bacterias that are not killed by these antibacterial cleaners often aquire resistance to that perticular class of antibacterial chemical. The antibacterial cleaner capable of killing 99.9 % of bacteria can also be a bane for people living in the surroundings, as large amount of potent antibacterial agents can be responsible for allergies and eczema after sometimes. A lot of people don’t know that a few bacterias are beneficial for human existance. These bacteria are not only advantageous for our skin surface but also mentain the equiblirium of the intestinal flora within our bodies. So no points for guessing the fact that ‘killing these bacteria can harm us instead of benefiting us’.

In short people should understand that there is no profit in utilizing the antibacterial products against regular cleaners, soaps and disinfectants. One can get a germ free house by cleaning it with hot soapy water or mixture of bleach. But it is necessary to wash your hands with warm water and soap after coming in contact with a suspected source of infection. This can clean the house without killing beneficial bacteria as the most of the antibacterial cleaner do.

N95 Masks – The Need of hour

These days whoever you come across seems to be either looking out for a N95 mask or is already geared up with it. N95 masks have become the need of the hour with thousands already succumbing to swine flu or many still battling with it.
Cloth and surgical masks are not offering much protection; people are urged to use N95 masks. These masks, it is claimed give highest protection then any other mask for now. People are thronging in large numbers to medical stores to buy these masks only to come back disappointed, as they are either not available or sold at exorbitant prices. Though N95 masks are made to look like the only way to protect yourself, the question whether it offers complete protection from the pandemic still lies unanswered.

Experts are still debating over the usefulness of N95 masks or its credibility in fighting the flu. However, people are using it to battle swine flu. Though it meets the medical standards and assures highest protection, there is no evidence that it can keep the contagious virus from coming to you.
These masks have a life span after which they are of no use to fight the virus. Swine flu virus can rapidly spread and infect large number of people. With the outbreak termed as a pandemic, the risk of we being the next victim always remains.

Though people are using N95 masks, their fear shows no sign of receding as the death toll across the world is rising. Although there are large numbers of survivors, people still want to protection from it.

There is no 100% guarantee of the N95 masks working effectively against the swine flu; however, there is some hope of protection from a Swedish invention. Smittstop is a Swedish discovery that is H1N1 tested and has the power to protect you from the virus.

Smittstop is a liquid product that is no ordinary disinfectant. Made with combination of salts, PHMB, and cationic polymers, Smittstop is known to attract and kill every virus and bacteria. Unlike micro organisms, this product is positively charged and thus attracts them. They can then be eliminated. Where ordinary cleaners fail to curb the virus, Smitttstopp assures complete and long term protection from the pandemic.

Smitttstopp can be sprayed on anything. It binds well with any material and stays there for long to offer you protection from the virus. Once you spray the liquid it will leave behind a thin layer of positively charged molecules and show instant results against the negatively charged organisms. When used on cleaner surface, Smittstop shows far better results. Make sure you clean the surface and then spray Smittstop and relieve yourself from the fear of swine flu.

Smittstop means, “end the spread of disease” in Swedish. Just like its name, this product helps in eradicating the virus. Proper use of the same can put the pandemic to an end. This easy to use product is nothing less than a blessing in times where entire world is battling the threatening swine flu.

If you too are hooked on to your N95 masks make sure you spray Smittstop on it so it works like a double protection. Swine flu can be controlled with proper preventive measures. Smittstop is nothing less than the biggest preventive measure. So put your worries to an end and get Smittstop to assure complete protection for you and your family.

Can the virus be detected during the swine flu incubation period?

Many people ask “can the virus be detected during the swine flu incubation period?” and the answer to that is “not really”! This is because the symptoms don’t really show in the first few days of getting infected. In other words, the incubation period for the JH1N1/swine flu virus ranges from 4 to about 10 days and during this period the virus is asymptomatic. Thus it cannot be detected easily. In the meantime, the virus keeps spreading from one person to another. Moreover when the symptoms appear in the beginning they are very similar to the usual seasonal flu – fever, body ache, headache, vomiting, fatigue, sore throat etc.

Personal hygiene is extremely important during the incubation period so utmost care has to be taken by every individual. Though the virus cannot be transmitted by food, it can infect surfaces and contaminate them. Therefore take precautionary measures to reduce the risk of infection. Some of these measures are washing one’s hands frequently, avoiding smoking especially at pubs and crowded places, wearing facemasks and respirators, using disinfectants and anti-viral sprays, and being vigilant and on the look out for the symptoms of swine flu. An early detection of the disease increases the chances of getting cured. One of the baffling things about this new strain of flu virus is the fact that young people who are in their prime are the ones who are getting infected. This could be because they have no immunity against the disease.

The alarming death toll makes one want to take maximum precautions against the swine flu. One such measure is the usage of the Smittstopp spray that can be used on almost all surfaces. Once the spray dries it coats the surface with a thin layer of cationic polymer. This is positively charged and it works on the principle of “electrostatic attraction” attracting the negatively charged anionic viruses and bacteria (microorganisms) that are in the air. These microorganisms get stuck to the sprayed surface and are instantly killed before they can spread or breed. The Smittstopp spray thus keeps the environment safe from viruses.

The Smittstopp spray should be used in all public places, especially those that are likely to get infected. Public toilets, terminals, transport vehicles, hotels, restaurants, libraries, malls, schools and colleges, etc should be sprayed with the Smittstopp spray so that there is no infection. Table tops, switches, railings, door knobs, lift buttons; etc should also be sprayed to ensure complete safety.

The Smittstopp spray gives a long term protection to the user. It has been proved that clothes that have been sprayed, still retain the effect long after 20 washes! Therefore even the facemask can be sprayed inside out to double the protection. Common cleaners should not be used on top of the Smittstop sprayed surface as these are anionic – negatively charged – and will neutralize the Smittstopp effect!

Personal hygiene has to be at a very high level. All personal items like jewelry, keys, cell phones, hand bags and purses etc can be sprayed with the Smittstopp spray.

If you are wondering “Can the virus be detected during the swine flu incubation period?” then as mentioned earlier in this article, with the virus being asymptomatic, it is difficult and many times goes undetected. It is up to the individual to be responsible and sensible not to risk infection by associating freely and carelessly with people who have the symptoms or frequenting crowded areas without wearing a facemask.

Information and awareness on what is a Pandemic.

A Pandemic is an outbreak of a disease throughout the world. This happens due to the appearance of a new strain of virus that spreads easily from one person to another because there is very little or no immunity at all against this virus. Pandemics are therefore different from “epidemics” or seasonal outbreaks of flu.

The outbreaks that are seasonal are due to subtypes of the flu virus that generally circulates between people. The Pandemic outbreak is due to a new subtype that has never circulated among the people before or for a very long time. These pandemics cause illness and even death apart from economic loss and social disruption.

The various stages of a pandemic are: Phase 1 in which no new strain of the influenza virus is detected in people though they are present in animal. The risk of infection is low.

Phase 2 in which an animal influenza virus that is circulating could pose a risk.

Phase 3 in which there is new subtypes infecting humans but contamination between humans is rare.

Phase 4 – here there are small clusters with a limited transmission from person to person though the virus is not adapted to people.

Phase 5 in which there are larger clusters where the virus gets more adapted to humans but transmission and spread is localized. There is a risk of a pandemic in this case. Phase 6 is the pandemic period where there is an increase in the transmission and the general population is infected.

Every individual has to make sure that he or she takes the steps that are necessary to avoid being infected. Apart from the usual measures, one should use the Smittstopp spray which is very effective in killing the viruses. This spray acts like a cleaner – removing all grease, fats and dirt, a disinfectant as well as destroys microorganisms. Working on the principle of “electrostatic attraction”, this spray coats the surface material with a layer of cationic (positively charged) polymer that in turn, attracts the anionic (negatively charged) viruses and bacteria to it and proceeds to destroy them instantly.

Care should be taken not to re-spray the Smittstopp sprayed surface with a common spray since most ordinary sprays are negatively charged and this will neutralize the effect.

The Smittstopp spray guarantees a long term protection and as tests have proved, clothes that have been sprayed with this spray have still retained the effect after almost 20 washes! It is therefore essential to spray all personal items like jewelry, handbags, watches, keys and cell phones etc that are being constantly touched and could get infected, with the Smittstopp spray.

Health authorities should make it a point that all public areas like toilets and terminals etc. should be sprayed to reduce the risk of infection. Schools and educational institutions can be kept safe by spraying all door knobs, handles, railings, taps, switches, table tops etc.

Information and awareness on what is a pandemic is available on the internet and it is a responsible person who takes advantage of this and puts into practice all the necessary measures to reduce risk of infection. Early detection of the swine flu symptoms that include fever, vomiting, sore throat, fatigue, diarrhea and acute breathing and respiratory disorders, etc will help recovery and cure of the disease. Because of the differences and sizes of pandemics, it is essential that plans for preparedness activities be undertaken on priority in various areas of medication and vaccine, distribution of drugs and vaccines, research and development of anti-virals, stock piling etc.

How to prepare yourself for pandemic flu

When there is a global outbreak of a new virus which people have little or no immunity, it is called a pandemic. The H1N1 virus, known more commonly as swine flu, emerged in April 2009. First seen in the United States, this pandemic spread to Mexico, Canada and has now come to India. As research continues all over the world to develop a vaccine to immunize all to this flu, preparations for pandemic flu planning are an ongoing activity in most countries. But what if your region is one of the places where this virus has already made its presence? The H1N1 virus can affect anybody, irrespective of their age, background or location. Starting off with the symptoms of a regular flu, H1N1 can be lethal if not detected in time.

In order to prepare yourself from a pandemic, you need to get all the information you can gather about it from a reliable source. In case of the swine flu virus, you need to ensure that you stay indoors in case you have fever for at least 24 hours or until the fever subsides. Avoid crowded places and use masks if you are in a public place. Wash your hands frequent and sanitize them with an alcohol based sanitizer frequently. If the flu symptoms persist for longer than three days, visit your medical practitioner and get yourself tested for swine flu.

It is also important to maintain a positive outlook as experts and governments all across the world are taking measures to control the pandemic and develop a vaccine. Staying physically active and mentally strong helps in boosting your immunity system and with by taking proper care you can protect yourself from this deadly virus.

In these hard times, Smittstopp has come up with a powerful sanitizer and reusable face mask that help in keeping swine flu at bay. You can begin your pandemic flu planning well before it is implemented by your state’s government. The Smittstopp spray is revolutionary as it acts as a disinfectant and kills bacteria all in 1 second.

Using cationic polymers as its base, this spray binds on to any surface that it is sprayed on. Aimed at providing long term protection, this spray leaves a thin molecular layer of cationic polymer on the surface which it is sprayed on, attracting the virus and bacteria to the surface and then kills it immediately on contact. You can also use this spray on your hands. Non-toxic in nature, this spray breaks and then kills the virus when you rub your hands. You can protect your clothes from getting contaminated by using this disinfectant in your washing machine and protect your clothes to almost up to 20 washes form this deadly virus.

By using Smittstopp in your cleaning instead of the regular cleaner, you can protect your staircase, handles, door handles, door knobs, switches, taps etc from being the nesting place of the virus. As contamination can take place from these areas, using Smittstopp is advised on these surfaces at regular intervals.

Preparedness is one of the strongest weapons that one can have to face a pandemic. Exercising caution and taking all the necessary steps to prevent contamination is the way forward at trying times such as now.

Can the Swine Flu outbreak cause a pandemic, epidemic?

Can the swine flu outbreak cause a pandemic, epidemic? The answer to that is “yes” if no proper precautionary measures are taken by the concerned Health Authorities of a country. It is a known fact that this virus spreads easily from person to person and several measures have to be taken to contain it. Hundreds of people keep travelling around the world and as people keep getting infected, it is most likely that the outbreak will cause a pandemic or an epidemic. Many countries are using technology at airports to spot people who are suspected cases and who have fever along with the other symptoms of H1N1 flu.

But even all this cannot stop the outbreak of swine flu effectively because an infected person generally shows the symptoms after five days or so, and the virus could spread before the symptoms even start! The main question is therefore “How efficiently can this virus spread?” This is why countries all over the world have plans for a pandemic or an epidemic. Vaccines, medication and drugs are being stocked and measures like social distancing – keeping away from crowded public areas – limiting all human contact, banning all social meetings and public gatherings, shutting down of schools and colleges etc are being carried out and found to be effective.

The fact that the Swine flu virus evolves constantly, by making changes to the surface proteins, causing infection is the biggest worry. Since these surface proteins evolve in different families, and the viruses swap genes and interbreed, there are chances of a new strain of flu virus picking up a new surface protein from both the bird or pig flu virus and then circulating in people. Immunity is out of the question as no one has been exposed to this virus before. This is how a pandemic or epidemic gets started.

One of the safest methods to curbing the infection is by keeping a very high standard of personal hygiene. The Smittstopp spray can help you in this. Once it is sprayed over a surface, the layer of cationic (positively charged) polymer that is left behind serves as a powerful magnet, attracting the anionic (negatively charged) viruses and bacteria/microorganisms. These microorganisms get stuck to the surface and get killed instantly before they can spread or breed. Thus, this can protect you from infections and also serves to keep the environment safe.

The Smittstopp spray has many advantages – it can be used as a cleaner that takes off all fats, grease and dirt, and it can also be used as a disinfectant besides killing all deadly viruses. It adheres strongly to any surface and gives a long term protection. One can even spray clothes with it, as the effects do not wear off after many washes. The spray should be mandatory in all public places like malls, clinics, hospitals, schools and other educational institutes, bus terminals, stations, libraries etc. The spray can also be used on personal items like keys, handbags, purses, cell phones, table tops, etc. Other surfaces like door knobs, banister railings, switches, buttons, taps etc should be kept free of viruses by spraying Smittstopp on it.

So if you are asking, “Can the swine flu outbreak cause a pandemic?” the answer is obvious – unless the virus is contained there is every chance that there will be a pandemic or epidemic! In fact the 1918 pandemic was due to the H1N1 flu virus even though its H surface proteins were from birds.

Can swine diseases be transmitted to humans?

With the fear of a swine flu pandemic, people question “Can swine diseases be transmitted to humans?” and have doubts as to whether it is safe to eat the flesh of pigs. Swine flu virus is also called H1N1 flu is endemic in swine and belongs to the influenza virus family.

Though the swine flu virus is very common in swine herds all over the world, the transmission of this virus to humans from the pigs is rare and does not result in human flu, but leads to the production of certain antibodies in blood of humans. In cases where the transmission does take place, it causes “zoonotic” swine influenza. There is a possibility of people who are regularly exposed to swine to get this type of swine flue. However eating the meat/flesh of an infected pig does not pose any risk of infection when the flesh is cooked properly.

Out of the three types of flu viruses that results in human flu, two of them also result in flu in swine – influenza A which is common in swine and influenza C which is rare. Influenza B has not been found in pigs. The influenza C viruses are said to affect both pigs and humans but not birds. Though transmission between humans and pigs has occurred amongst children in California and Japan in the past, it was a very mild form of flu and did not cause a pandemic.

The importance of keeping your surroundings clean and germ free is one of the basic steps/measures that is needed to keep all infection away. The Smittstopp Company in Sweden have introduced a spray that is most effective in killing all viruses and bacteria in a second or two. The Smittstopp (stop the disease from spreading) spray bonds very strongly to almost any type of surface. It is long lasting and has a long term prevention guarantee. This spray gives the surface it is sprayed on, a thin layer of cationic polymer which works on the electrostatic attraction technology. The cationic polymer is positively charged and automatically attracts the anionic (negatively charged) microorganisms and viruses to it. As soon as these microorganisms and viruses get stuck to the sprayed surface, they get destroyed instantly.

It is important to keep the surface clean so that the spray remains effective. The Smittstopp spray is a disinfectant and a cleaner. It removes all fat, grease and dirt from the surface. Once it is sprayed on you should leave it to dry for a few minutes. Care should be taken to see that no normal cleaner is used on top of the sprayed surface because these cleaners are usually negatively charged and this will neutralize the Smittstopp spray.

If the Smittstopp spray is sprayed on all commonly and frequently touched surfaces like switches, railings, door knobs, handles, cell phones, table tops, etc as well as in public places like bus stops, inside buses and public transportation, clinics and hospitals, malls etc. it will ensure safety from every kind of virus and bacteria.

If you are still wondering “Can swine diseases be transmitted to humans?” then you should know that swine diseases like subtypes of Influenza A – H1N1, H2N3, H1N2 are the common strains in the world and was prevalent in swine herds before 1998. There is a surveillance network which is an informal one in the US that determines the type of viruses that circulate in pigs. It is a relief to know that transmission that is direct from swine to humans is rare with only about 12 isolated cases in the US since the year 2005.

Pandemic Flu Preparedness

Human history has witnessed many global epidemic outbreaks and the recent one of them doing the rounds is the swine flu, medically known as A(H1N1). It surfaced in Mexico in March 2009 and has spread to as many as 74 countries across the world. It is caused by the H1N1 virus which is a combination of human, avian and pig influenza strains, and hence, humans have no immunity against this virus. It is causing severe respiratory illness and has also culminated in a number of hospitalizations and deaths. The World Health Organization has pronounced this flu a global pandemic and has urged all countries to chalk out plans for comprehensive pandemic flu preparedness.

The symptoms of this flu are similar to the seasonal flu and can show up in affected people as coughs or sneezes, runny or stuffy nose, sore throats, fever, body aches, headaches, chills and even vomiting or nausea in some cases. It spreads via cough drops released by affected people while coughing or sneezing and also by touching the nose or mouth after touching any objects in contact with affected people. In this age of global trade and international travel, it is imperative for all authorities to undertake all possible measures for flu pandemic preparedness, especially since any vaccine for this flu is not yet available. It is feared that this virus may mutate further and the flu can surge further, disrupting public life.

At all levels, it is important to chalk out contingency plans because the number of people not reporting for work might increase. This may be because they might get the flu or may have to stay home to take care of a family member down with flu or to avoid the flu. Mass gatherings and public functions might dwindle in numbers; students may suffer due to closure of schools, hospitals and clinics might be overcrowded with rising number of swine flu patients. Medical experts strongly recommend maintaining complete hygiene, avoiding crowds, wearing masks in crowded places to avoid the airborne virus and keeping surroundings clean. A scientific disinfectant like Smittstopp can prove to be very useful to clean and degrease all surfaces and also kill all viruses, including swine flu virus.

Smittstopp is a revolutionary Swedish product available in a spray form. Once sprayed, it forms an invisible film of positively charged cationic polymers. It attracts all viruses and bacteria because they are all negatively charged. They stick to the film and then die. Just one spray and wiping once is all that is needed to form the polymer film. This film is invisible and water resistant also. So there is no need to spray daily except if the surface is very dirty because dirt may breed other germs or if the film is removed mechanically.

Smittstopp can prove to be a very useful tool in pandemic flu preparedness plans because it not only helps keep surroundings clean, it also kills viruses eliminating the risk of its multiplication. It can be sprayed on all common surfaces like doorknobs, toilets, kitchen counters, workstations, desks, public transport vehicles and even clothes to make them virus proof. In the case of unavailability of government recommended N95 face masks, an ordinary surgical mask can be treated with Smittstopp and used without any fear of the swine flu virus

Can medical masks offer protection from swine flu?

Open any newspaper to find out about the current state of swine flu pandemic and we would find people wearing face masks looking back with a hint of worry in their eyes. The outbreak of swine flu has caused a lot of concern in the minds of all, around the world. People on their way to work, in crowded subways or even while walking dogs or jogging can be seen wearing medical masks. There are residents who have been stocking up face masks. However, are medical masks of any help in protecting us from swine flu? This is one thing that needs to be understood and a decision on using the mask taken.

Swine flu is contagious. It spreads mainly when an infected person comes in contact or you touch something that has been used by that person. When a person suffering from swine flu sneezes or coughs the virus spreads through the droplets. If you are within a distance of 3 feet you may catch the virus and may be infected.

Similarly another point to remember is that if a person sneezes into his hands and touches any object the virus is transferred to that object. Now if you touch that object and then touch your face then you are vulnerable to the infection. Personal hygiene habits like washing hands and use of clean tissues every time are helpful in preventing easy spread of virus. Precautionary measures are what we can use to prevent infection.

One of the common features of this pandemic is the use of medical masks. Many people in all countries are using these masks to protect themselves. Nevertheless, are these masks the answer or solution to the problem? It is not entirely possible to stop the virus from spreading even when you are using a medical mask. However, it offers some protection if you are using the right mask. At the same time you cannot be safe just because you are wearing a mask in a highly crowded place.

Moreover, it also depends on what type of mask you are using. There are soft, loose fitting surgical or medical masks as well as form fitting masks known as the N-95 respirators made from spun plastic fiber. The medical masks generally are used to protect others from the cough spray of the wearer. The respirators on the other hand can filter about 95 percent of tiny particles including the influenza viruses.

Whichever type of medical masks you use they have to be worn properly and consistently. You cannot rely on the masks to prevent spread of the virus entirely. Measures like washing hands regularly, staying away from sick people, avoiding crowded places are a part of the preventive steps. Similarly, even if you are wearing the mask but have not covered both your mouth and nose properly, in that case infection may be possible. There is limited evidence to prove that medical masks are a great protection against swine flu. However, it does help in cutting the risk if you are wearing them correctly and consistently in combination with other measures. You may find very good quality medical masks on Disposable masks are preferable than washable ones and often cost much less.

It is very important to understand that only using medical masks cannot help prevent infection entirely. Unless there is careful, correct and consistent use of the masks you are not entirely safe from the virus. However, using it does help make you feel safer and largely in control.

Flu incubation – time when one can develop the symptoms

With the spread of swine flu, most people are either surfing the net or meeting experts to know what the exact flu incubation period is. Although swine flu is curable, no one wants to face the dilemma. Some victims of swine flu hardly experienced any symptoms but tested positive for the H1N1 test. As per the experts, a person may develop symptoms well after being infected with the flu. Normally the ordinary or regular flu has about 48 hours of incubation period but it may also take 5 days. The swine flu incubation period can range between 2 to 7 days and it is not yet known what exact time is taken for the virus to incubate in the human body.

So far swine flu has killed thousands of people across the globe spreading panic and fear amongst the masses. You can see people taking efforts to fight the flu but at the same time they fear if they could be the next victim. It is advisable to keep a close eye on symptoms for at least a week. People who were successful in detecting the virus at an early stage found it easy to fight the virus. If you find any flu like symptoms that include, headaches, fever, sore throat, coughing, cold, drowsiness, fatigue or vomiting you should not delay in visiting a doctor.

Just like the ordinary flu, it does not take time for swine flu to spread. Coughing and sneezing help the flu germs spread in the air, passing it on to several people. Swine flu virus can stay on any surface or thing and if you get in contact with it, you can be its next prey. Taking precautionary measures like using a disinfectant to wash hands, staying away from public places, boosting the immune system and maintaining hygiene should be followed.

Along with these preventive measures one can also opt for a product that can offer them complete protection against the flu. Smittstopp, a Swedish invention is made with much care and study to combat the flu. This product is H1N1 tested and the results have been outstanding. This product puts an end to the further development of swine flu virus that can settle on any surface.

Smittstopp is a spray that can be used on anything where there is a risk of virus. Be it furniture, desk, clothes, masks, toilets, taps, handles and places you frequently visit or touch can be sprayed with Smittstopp to kill the virus. Smittstopp is made with help of cationic polymers, salts and PHMB. All these molecules are positively charged as against negatively charged microorganisms. This helps the product to instantly detect and attract the virus to kill it within seconds. On spraying smittstopp a thin layer is formed that stays for long to offer long term protection.

Smittstopp when used on cleaner surface offers better protection. Spraying it on unhygienic place can act like a hindrance and may not allow the product to give 100 percent results. This product binds well with all materials including clothes and is waterproof. Thus with use of smittstopp you can stay fearless of flu infecting you. Spraying smittstopp on masks will also increase protection. This liquid product for now is the only product that can offer instant protection against the widely spread swine flu.

As the flu incubation period is still uncertain, the best way to stay secure is by using a product that works as a strong shield against the virus. So what are you waiting for bring home smittstopp and get prepared to combat the disease.