Effective Treatment For Swine Flu

The first case of swine flu was detected in a small town in Mexico around March 2009.Since then, the rate of infection and deaths has been steadily rising. In June 2009, the World Health Organization announced that the disease had reached global pandemic level. In July, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention predicted that if a vaccine is not made available soon, forty percent of the world population could contract swine flu and several hundred thousands would die of it. Of course, effective treatment for swine flu is available.

This flu is a lethal combination of swine, avian and human influenza viruses. It has never been seen before in humans and it is expected to hit the world even harder in the coming winter months. It is possible that the current flu virus could mutate into a deadlier virus. As of now, the symptoms visible in people suffering from this flu are the same as seasonal flu, like fever, running nose, cough, body ache, headache, chills and fatigue.

Vomiting and diarrhea can also be noticed in some cases. A throat or nose culture can determine the virus but only at government approved laboratories. Those who have underlying conditions like asthma or heart problems are at a higher risk of contracting swine flu. Very young children, pregnant women and elderly people also comprise of the high risk group.
There is no single effective treatment for swine flu, except symptomatic treatment. Some over the counter medication is available which is effective in shortening the duration and severity of swine flu. These are available only by prescription and everybody doesn’t have access to these drugs because of limited supply. If one member of a family gets swine flu, he should be kept in isolation and every other member should take care to wash hands regularly. The surfaces which are touched many times by different members of the family should be cleaned with a disinfectant.

Here is where Smittstopp comes to our rescue. It is a unique disinfectant available in a spray form. It is formulated with the latest Swedish invention, cationic polymers. These polymers are positively charged and adhere to all surfaces. Bacteria, virus and micro organisms are negatively charged. They are attracted to the positively charged polymer only to die. Smittstopp serves the dual function of cleaning and degreasing surfaces and also killing virus and bacteria. The polymer layer formed by spraying Smittstopp is invisible and water resistant also.

It would be wise to use Smittstopp in clinics, hospitals and other public places like public transport, public toilets, theatres, malls and schools. All surfaces like door handles, toilet flushes, office desks and other surfaces which come in contact with many people everyday should be treated with Smittstop. It can prove to be the best preventive measure against swine flu.

It is a good idea to avoid people who are coughing or sneezing and maintain utmost personal hygiene. When people with the flu cough or sneeze, the cough drops released can pass on to others and can infect their respiratory tracts also. So it is also advised to wear face masks to avoid breathing infected air. If we spray Smittstopp on the masks, the protective quotient of the masks increases considerably and also makes the mask good enough to be used more than once. Prevention is always better than cure. So instead of looking for an effective treatment for swine flu, it will be better to start using Smittstop.

Early detection of swine flu symptoms can save you

The first outbreak of swine flu in Mexico was never thought to turn into pandemic. This disease has killed over a thousand and infected many more people across the globe. This has caused immense pain and grief for several families who are battling swine flu. Most infected people did come out safe and are in good health only because they took timely measures. It is true that early detection of swine flu symptoms can save you from death. These symptoms are normally seen after 2 to 4 days of being infected and delay in treatment can push you closer to death.

Most people who tested positive for swine flu test conducted at airports did not show flu like symptoms but the early treatment helped them recover soon. Swine flu symptoms are similar to those of ordinary or seasonal flu and thus make it difficult to detect the disease. Swine flu affects the respiratory system and thus causes difficulty in breathing. Upset stomach and diarrhea are some other complications. In order to be on the safer side, it’s important that each one closely observes his/her body to detect any swine flu like symptoms and get correct treatment.

Swine flu symptoms includes, high fever, sore throat, body aches, upset stomach, vomiting, drowsiness, runny nose, cold, chills, sneezing, cough, tiredness, loss of appetite, joint pains and head aches. If any of these symptoms are seen it may not necessarily be swine flu and thus do not allow fear to possess you. These symptoms may be of ordinary flu, however, in wake of swine flu it is ideal to get a check up done. Early detection stops the spread of the virus and thus helps the body recover soon.

Swine flu being a pandemic puts large number of people at risk of being infected. The virus can stay on any surface and can get easily passed on to you. It becomes very essential to follow preventive measures and at the same time look out for products that assure protection against the virus. With several people thronging medical stores, people are buying ordinary cleaners as a product to curb the flu. However, do not fall prey to such products and look out for genuine stuff that can kill the virus.

Smittstopp for now is the only product that can work against the swine flu virus. This product is a Swedish invention and made with care and accurate studies. H1N1 tested Smittstop is reliable to use. This liquid product is a combination of PHMBs, salts, cationic polymers, and non ionic surfactants. These molecules are positively charged and thus work like poison against the negatively charged microorganisms.

Smittstopp when sprayed leaves a thin layer behind which stays there for long to detect and kill the swine flu virus instantly. This product can be used on any material and place where you fear the presence and growth of swine flu virus. Use it on clothes, furniture, washrooms or even on masks. This layer does not get washed easily in water and thus stays to offer protection against the virus for a long term.

Smittstop is the only product for now that guarantees protection in the battle against the swine flu virus. Use of this product is by far the best preventive measure that can ensure protection for your entire family. So what will you wait for, onset of swine flu symptoms or get Smittstop home and guard your family from this pandemic.

What is the latest news from Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and swine flu?

The Texas DSHS has released information on complications of swine flu (H1N1). The officials with Texas DSHS report that most people who develop H1N1, do not need emergency treatment and can be treated at home with fluid intake, medication to reduce fever, rest and careful monitoring. Emergency treatment might become necessary for a patient with any one of these symptoms: difficulty breathing, dehydration, pressure or pain in abdomen or chest, blue or purple discolored lips, unexplained confusion, sudden dizziness, seizures, unresponsiveness or severe or constant vomiting.

Texas health officials also report that those with flu symptoms who have any underlying health conditions could be at a higher risk if they get H1N1. If these people develop flu like symptoms they should call their primary care physician. People with increased risk include: children under 5 years old, infants under 12 months, adults/children with chronic lung, liver, heart, blood, nerve or metabolic disorders such as asthma and diabetes, patients who have HIV, adults 50 years or over, residents of nursing homes, and children or teenagers who are receiving aspirin therapy.

H1N1 was noticed in late April of this year. Mexico began noticing a large number of hospitalizations with flu like illnesses. Because of the lateness of the year and the number of patients with these types of symptoms, Mexican health professionals on the advice of the WHO and Center for Disease Control, began testing patients and identified H1N1. The majority of these cases were reported in the area of Mexico City. Cases then began showing up in the United States and Canada from citizens who had returned from business or vacations in different regions of Mexico.

In Mexico as of the second week of May, it seems that H1N1 might have reached its peak. As of May 11th, they currently have 1626 laboratory confirmed cases of H1N1 flu with 48 deaths. In the United States, the number of laboratory confirmed cases is 2532 in 41 states with 3 deaths reported — but all deaths in the United States had underlying health issues. Costa Rica reports 8 laboratory confirmed cases with 1 death. But please note that these are only cases that have been confirmed by testing. Many mild cases have probably been occurring but have not been confirmed so the fatality rate can not be deducted from these released figures.

Swedish invention can reduce the spread of swine influenza (H1N1)

SmittsStopp can be used on all touch surfaces in hospitals, clinics, public spaces, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, shops, taxis, buses and of course at home. Examples of such surfaces are the taps, handles, switches, and similar surfaces where infection spreads easily. It can be used to wipe off the cell phones, computer key boards and mice.

SmittStopp is based on a unique new Swedish invention, cationic polymer, which is positively charged and attaches to all surfaces. Bacteria, virus, staphylococci, and all microorganisms are negatively charged. These are attracted to the positive charge in the polymer where they can not grow and die. For further information go to smittstopp.com.

Your steps towards pandemic flu preparation

The recently declared global pandemic of the H1N1 Influenza A virus has taken everyone in its grip of fear. Previously unidentified, this virus originated in the Us and spread to Mexico, Canada and India amongst several other countries. Previously unidentified, this virus, also known as the Swine Flu, has been seen to be resistant to most anti-viral medications.

Extremely contagious by nature, swine flu symptoms resemble that of an ordinary influenza virus categorized by sneezing, coughing, fever and in some cases mild respiratory illness as well. Potentially fatal in nature, this virus can lead to death if it is not diagnosed in time.

Highly contagious by nature this virus spreads from humans to humans. In the absence of a vaccine to protect you from Swine Flu, you have to take several precautionary steps in order to protect yourself from this virus. If this virus is not controlled in time it spreads at the pace of wild fire and can lead to educational institutions, public and private institutions being shut down.

In case of a pandemic alter being declared in your area, it is best to avoid public places and large gatherings as the virus spreads more easily amongst people. Children and old people are more at risk of catching this infection but anyone can get easily affected irrespective of the backgrounds, sex or age. The contagious period of this virus is normally of seven days from its onset. It can be more in the case of small children.

Some of the steps that you can take to prevent catching or spreading this deadly virus are to cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing, disposing off such used tissues immediately, frequently washing hands with soap and sanitizing hands regularly especially if outdoors, wearing face masks in closed or crowded gatherings, avoiding contact with sick people. You must also bear in mind to avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth as this can lead to easy spreading of germs. You must also stay at home if unwell.

Sanitizers and face masks play a major part in controlling the spreading of the H1N1 virus. Alcohol based sanitizers are mostly recommended to prevent contamination. Smittstopp has developed a revolutionary and groundbreaking product which acts as a disinfectant and cleaner and kills all bacteria and viruses that come in contact with it. This cleaner provides you with long term protection as it forms a thin molecular layer on the surface that it is sprayed on.

By incorporating this cleaner in your regular cleaning routine, you can protect your staircases, door knobs, door handles, switches etc from contamination. Using cationic polymer as its base, this spray/cleaner successfully attracts and then kills all virus and bacteria that come in contact with it.

This spray is so effective that when it is sprayed on the hands and the hands are rubbed, the virus or the bacteria on your hands immediately break down and die. It can be used to protect your clothes as well. One final rinse of your clothes with the Smittstopp spray can protect your clothes for up to almost 20 washes.

Prevention and caution are the best ways to prevent this virus from affecting your life. Exercise caution and live healthy.

Do you have the Swine Flu Symptoms?

Do you have the Swine Flu symptoms? Or are you unnecessarily worried because you seem to have a cold and cough. The alarming reports of swine flu related deaths around the country have made people paranoid and afraid of getting infected by this dreaded disease. Authorities are worried that there could be a pandemic.
The symptoms of swine flu in a child include difficulty in breathing, rapid breathing, bluish or grayish skin color, severe and persistent vomiting, high fever and cough, flu like symptoms etc. In adults, the signs are a pain in the abdomen and chest, difficulty in breathing and a shortness of breath, feeling of lethargy and loss of energy, continuous vomiting, cough and fever. These symptoms like headache, body ache, sneezing, cough, fever, diarrhea shivering, fatigue and sore throat are similar to those of the regular flu.

A person can get infected by touching a surface or something that has already been infected with H1N1, and then touching the nose, eyes or mouth. The Swine flu virus can be transmitted from one human to another therefore it is important to take all precautions like wearing a respirator or facemask, washing ones hands regularly, maintaining a very high level of personal hygiene, avoiding crowds etc.

An effective measure against the swine flu virus would be the use of the Smittstopp Spray that can be used on all surfaces. This spray bonds very tightly to the surface and after it dries, it leaves behind a coating of Cationic Polymer which acts as a magnet or flypaper that traps the microorganisms to it and then proceeds to kill them instantly. This technology is called “electrostatic attraction” whereby the positively charged cationic polymer attracts the negatively charged anionic viruses and bacteria. The spray is also a cleaner that gets rid of fat and dirt and a disinfectant. Once the spray is used it stays on for a long period and offers a long term protection from microorganisms.

It is very important that the spray is used on all items that are constantly touched. A person’s handbag, keys, cell phones, glasses, pens, jewelry, etc should be sprayed to keep infection away. Taps, fans, switches, banister railings, door knobs, handles at public and private places should be sprayed with Smittstopp to ensure your safety.

Common sprays should not be sprayed on top of the Smittstopp sprayed surface because these sprays are usually negatively charged and this would neutralize the effects of the Smittstopp spray. Care should be taken to keep the sprayed surfaces clean for maximum protection.

If anyone had to ask you “do you have the swine flu symptoms?” you should know enough by now, to answer correctly. Though there have been swine flu related deaths all over the world, it appears that this disease is not as deadly as it is made out to be. Most developed countries have modern medicines that have played a major role in the recovery of many infected people. If the symptoms are detected at an early stage and the proper treatment and care is given to the patient, survival is more likely.

Tamiflu which is an anti-viral drug like Relenza, seem to be very effective in warding off the H1N1 flu. The patient should be kept warm and hydrated and should have plenty of rest. Remember, a full recovery from this swine flu is possible with the proper treatment.

What is a Pandemic?

If you are wondering about what is a pandemic, then read this article which will give you all the information about an influenza pandemic, its causes and effects. A pandemic is an outbreak of a global disease. This occurs when a new strain influenza A virus strikes and the human population has very little or maybe no immunity at all against it.

This causes serious illness and spreads easily from person to person all over the world. When an influenza virus pandemic emerges, it is generally inevitable that it will spread globally. It is easy to assume that the entire population of the world would become susceptible to the disease, even though many countries all over the world take measures to control global travel and take steps to delay the virus.

As mentioned before, majority of the people have very little or no immunity at all to this virus causing infection to soar. Medication and medical care is then going to be of paramount importance for a great percentage of people worldwide. Facilities like medical staff, hospital beds, equipment, ventilators, vaccines and other antiviral drugs etc will be needed to accommodate/supply the demand of huge numbers of people who will get infected with the virus.

It goes without saying that media hype and number of swine flu related deaths will bring fear and terror in the hearts of populations. Therefore preventive measures have to be strictly followed by one and all. Health authorities have to be prepared in every way to curb the pandemics which in the past have spread worldwide in two and three waves.

An outreach and education are extremely necessary to prepare for a pandemic. People have to understand what a pandemic is so that they can make informed decisions as an individual and as a whole nation. Sound health information should be provided by the concerned governments.

Each individual should make sure that they take all the necessary precautions to avoid infection. The Smittstopp spray is one such way whereby one can be ensured of an environment that is free of deadly microorganisms – viruses and bacteria. The Smittstopp spray can be used on all surfaces and materials. This spray works on the electrostatic attraction principle.

Once the spray is sprayed on the surface it leaves a thin film of cationic polymer on the surface. This coating is positively charged and attracts the microorganisms – viruses and bacteria – to it, as these are anionic (negatively charged). Once these viruses and bacteria get stuck to the surface the spray kills and destroys them in an instant, leaving the environment safe. In this way, the virus does not get a chance to breed or spread.

The Smittstopp spray should be used on personal items like keys, handbags, cell phones etc as well as on taps, switches, door knobs, railings and handles, etc. It should be made mandatory by government health authorities to use the Smittstopp spray in public areas like train and bus terminals, shopping malls, public libraries, all schools and educational institutions etc. This will ensure the safety of the people.

In the past, people were not really aware of what is a pandemic. But today there is a huge amount of information that is available on the subject and awareness of measures against it has spread globally. In any case, it is the responsibility of the individual to maintain a very high standard of personal hygiene. Steps must be taken to avoid crowded areas, wash one’s hands regularly, wear face masks and be on the look out for symptoms.

Do Swine Diseases affect humans?

The question that is uppermost in people’s minds is “Do Swine Diseases affect humans?” The first time human influenza was related to swine influenza was during the flu pandemic in 1918 when it was found that humans and pigs fell sick at the same time. It was later in 1930 that an influenza virus was identified as the cause of a disease in swine. In the 60 years that followed, strains of swine influenza were mostly H1N1. It was after that in 1997 – 2002, that different subtypes and genotypes emerged as new strains.

One of the descendants of the 1918 flu pandemic is the H1N1 swine flu. Throughout the 20th century, there have been influenza epidemics. However, it is known that a direct transmission of this disease to humans from pigs is quite rare. It is important to keep the human immunity to the strains of influenza strong so that in case pigs retain influenza strains they might act as reservoirs and later re-infect human beings.

The 2009 flu pandemic has the H1N1 viral which is called “swine flue” because testing initially showed genes that were of a similar type to the influenza virus that normally occurred in swine in North America. But later research [proved that the influenza outbreak was due to a strain of H1N1 that was new and not reported previously in pigs.

As it is an international concern to keep the surroundings clean and germ free, many countries are doing their best to plan campaigns that include measures to keep humans safe from this deadly virus that has proved fatal to many. One of the measures is to sanitize the surrounding areas so that they are free of viruses. The Smittstopp spray is one such product that helps to keep all surfaces clean and free of any microorganism or virus.

This spray has a triple action as it not only kills the viruses and bacteria but also disinfects and cleans the surface. When it is sprayed on the surface, it leaves behind a layer of cationic polymer that acts as flypaper that traps the viruses and bacteria and then proceeds to kill and destroy them instantly. This is a novel technology that involves electrostatic attraction. The cationic polymer is positively charged and the microorganisms are negatively charged, hence the attraction. Once the viruses and bacteria get stuck to the surface they are immediately destroyed and prevented from breeding, spreading and contaminating the environment.

The Smittstopp spray can be sprayed on all types of surfaces. The bonding is very strong and long lasting. The protection is complete and safe. When sprayed on clothes, it was found that the effect of the spray was not lost even after the clothes were washed more than 20 times. The spray can be used on surfaces that are usually touched very often like taps, switches, stair handles, knobs, banister railings, table tops, brushes, mobile phones etc. This ensures that these surfaces are safe from viruses.

It should be made mandatory to use the Smittstopp spray in places like clinics, bus stops, buses, hospitals, farms, equipment, machinery, and other public and private areas where it is likely that a person could get infected.

If you are a person who is asking the question “Do Swine Diseases affect humans?” you should put your fears away as it is very rare that transmission of the Influenza viruses will occur between humans and pigs. If transmission does take place it is known as “zoonotic” swine flu which rarely passes from person to person.

Benefits of trial size antibacterial hand cleaner

One of the good habits that all of us should inculcate is the habit of washing hands after coming home from office or outside. It becomes all the more important if you are associated with profession related to healthcare, housekeeping, waste management etc. It is a good idea to carry a trial size antibacterial hand cleaner with you always so that you can wash your hand with antibacterial hand cleaner whenever it is required.

When coming to home from outside it becomes necessary to wash hands with the antibacterial hand cleaner because during our work we touch so many equipments and items such as doorknobs, keyboards, counter tops, switches etc. which can be contaminated and can harm our body.

During working hour if we eat something or eat our lunch without washing our hands with antibacterial hand cleaner then germs, bacteria and viruses enter our body through our hand which can make us sick. So it is always handy to carry a trial size antibacterial hand cleaner. Antibacterial hand cleaner is required if you are going out in a hotel or in party where there is no soap for you. You can wash your hand easily with antibacterial hand cleaner anywhere and anytime.

In addition one should also know how to apply antibacterial hand cleaner to get completely germs free hands. A person has to only wet his hand in water then use antibacterial hand cleaner and rinse for 20 seconds and after that wash your hands in warm water. This way your hands will become completely germs free. This process is easily applicable in parties or restaurants or any where out of home.

Why to use a trial size antibacterial hand cleaner

Washing our hands with an antibacterial hand cleaner becomes important when we come home after working in the garden or when we go for dinner at our friend’s house. In these situations keeping a trial size antibacterial hand cleaner becomes easy and simple.

It is also necessary to dry your hands with a clean cloth or towel after washing your hands with an antibacterial hand cleaner because pathogens transfer easily to the body from a wet hand. The wet hands also give bacteria environment to grow quickly so it is recommended to wet your hands after washing them with an antibacterial hand cleaner to stop the development of bacteria on the hand surface. You can avoid all this risk by using trial size antibacterial hand cleaner.

Many people use regular soap to wash their hands. Although these soaps are not bad but are not as effective as an antibacterial hand cleaner. An antibacterial hand cleaner kills the germ on the spot which the ordinary hand cleaners can not do. So it is necessary to use an antibacterial hand cleaner and also carry a trial size antibacterial hand cleaner to wash your hands when out of home.

Thus by washing hands, the moment you come home, you are preventing whatever you have picked up from the outside environment.

Do Respirator Masks protect you from Swine Flu – Find out!

The question that keeps popping up is “Do Respirator Masks protect you from Swine Flu?” This is because the new kind of swine flu – a virus that has caused anxiety through out the world because it has proved fatal to many – and has caused people to try and find the best protection against it. The fact that babies and young adults have succumbed to it could be proof of the severity of the flu virus in your country/state.

We know from reports that the swine flu virus spreads from person to person and the virus is called “swine flu” only because its surface proteins are similar to those that infect swines. Even though most states are preparing for a pandemic by having plans that include drugs, vaccines measures to keep people apart, closure of educational institutes, ban of public meetings etc, it is important that every individual is responsible enough to gather all information on the prevention of swine flu to keep him/herself and his/her family safe.

One of the ways to protect yourself is a Respirator Mask. It should be understood that this is not a total defense against H1N1 and there is a slight difference between a face mask and a respirator mask. While a face mask like a surgical or pollution mask will protect your face from harm or any infection the virus can still enter through the corner of the facemask, while the respirator mask will filter out the virus. The N95 respirator mask is one that is designed specially for H1N1.

It is recommended that these respirator swine flu masks are used when you are in direct contact with a swine flu patient, or in areas that are crowded. It is advised that the mask should be used by one person alone and not shared. Other precautionary measures to be followed are washing your hands with soap regularly, avoiding touching your mouth, nose or eyes, covering your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing, avoiding people who are infected with the swine flu virus, and avoiding crowded areas.

Smittstopp have a product that guarantees a long term protection against the spread of swine flu/H1N1 flu. This is a spray that can be used on all surfaces. It has a triple action whereby it acts as a cleaner, disinfectant as well as kills bacteria and virus in a second.

When used as a cleaner, this spray is effective because it is strong and works extremely well if it is wiped off after a minute or two, after spraying it on the surface. The spray leaves a thin layer of cationic polymer that is positively charged and which acts like a magnet, attracting the swine flu virus and killing it instantly. Tests have proved that if a person touches the Smittstopp sprayed surface and then rubs his finger on his skin, the virus breaks up and dies.

This cationic polymer has strong binding qualities and even stays under water and will survive in clothes even after being washed around 20 times. The Smittstopp spray can be used on door handles, stair handles, switches, taps etc. Normal cleaners that are usually not cationic but anionic (negatively charged) should not be put on top of the layer of Smittstop because they will stop and neutralize the protection.

The use of respiratory masks is important because they can filter out minute particles 95% of the time and offers you better protection against the H1N1 virus. The virus travel on larger molecules that act as carriers for example, mucus globs, and therefore these respiratory masks easily filter them.

Today’s need for Influenza Treatments

Today’s need for Influenza Treatments is acute considering the global swine flu pandemic. The alarming rate of infection that is spreading from person to person and the increasing death toll all over the world has brought fear into the hearts of many. Anti-flu medication administered at the early stages of swine flu help to curb and cure it.

Rimantadine and Amantadine are effective anti-flu drugs that help to decrease the influenza A infection by a third, if it is administered within 2 days of detecting the symptoms. These drugs also prevent the infection. Side effects of these drugs are nausea, dizziness and insomnia. New medications like Tamiflu and Relenza are excellent. Tamiflu is a medication that is oral while Relenza is a powder that can be inhaled. Both these have to be started within 2 days of symptoms to be really effective. People with lung problems should not use Relenza and Tamiflu has side effects on children.

As soon as the following symptoms are noticed it is wise to get checked by a doctor: fever, body ache, headache, vomiting, breathing disorders, fatigue, sore throat, etc. A person should take all precautionary measures to keep the infection at bay.

It is a known fact that touching a contaminated surface and then touching one’s eyes, nose and mouth with the same hands, is dangerous as one risks getting infected. Therefore it is important to keep all surfaces free of viruses and bacteria. One way to do this is to use the Smittstopp spray which can be used on all surfaces. This spray is not only an anti-viral spray but it is a cleaner and disinfectant as well.

The spray sticks strongly to the surface and once it dries, it leaves behind a layer of cationic polymer that is positively charged. This attracts the negatively charged microorganisms (viruses and bacteria) and kills them instantly. This spray thus works on the principle of “electrostatic attraction” that exists between positively charged cations and anions. The Smittstopp sprayed surface should be clean at all times and care should be taken not to spray any common cleaner over it as this will neutralize the effect.

The Smittstopp spray has to be sprayed in public area that are likely to get infected with the virus, like bus and train terminals, malls and shopping centers, schools and colleges, hotels and restaurants, public libraries etc. This will bring down the risk of infection considerably. The Smittstopp spray can also be sprayed on all personal items that are being constantly touched like keys, cell phones, items of jewelry, hand bags, purses, wallets etc. If table tops, switches, buttons, handles, knobs and taps are sprayed, it will help to keep the environment safe from all microorganisms.

Thus, today’s need for influenza treatments is very acute. The main treatment is adequate rest, plenty of liquids/fluids, etc. The main symptom is an upper respiratory tract infection that lasts many days and causes breathing problems. Antibiotics cannot kill the virus and are not used to treat the flu. Anti viral drugs are important for the prevention and treatment of swine flu, but as stated before they could have serious side effects like causing nightmares, convulsions and nausea. In severe cases, the person should be admitted to hospital and put on a ventilator.